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Update from the release team. Debian 8.0, the release that will come after Wheezy, will be known as Jessie.
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Oh how it's been ages since I had a Linux box - Debian has always been my favorite; simply because I actually had to tweak config files and what not (just a bit) to get things working proper - but not spend hours compiling and tweaking, etc.. now I'm too lazy ....I do miss it tho.. :-(
me too waiting for the wheezy freeze to end ;) damn cold ;)
Jessie, be good!
Is there any solution for support of R700 catalyst driver?
+Julian Rehborn At the moment it seems that for R700 in debian sid only a kernel downgrade plus downgrading X will work
Jessie I like it hahahaha
Anyway what would be if the guys from Debian team would call next release Barbie :p

The best would be if they would call next release Little Green Men :)
Have a new Toy Story filmed that introduces some new characters.
+David Ventura At the rate Debian releases new versions I don't think we have to worry about that for a long time.
+Hector Rincon  :-) I still use Debian on everything I'm running here. Although the slow cycle can have its drawbacks sometimes, usually I prefer it.
Is "Jessie" the first release named after a character that's not in the original Toy Story? (No matter, I love the choice.)
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