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What is wrong with the old installer? What problems does this one fix? What new features if any does it add?
I have a laptop here I can install. Squeeze is already feeling pretty long in the tooth to me too. Maybe I'll tun testing on that laptop? I tried building Transmission on this system yesterday that has Squeeze and everything was too old on it to build against. So I gave up.
+Paul Frederick I'm running testing on my workstation since a long time and it is really nice to have recent versions and pull the occasional package from unstable as needed. OTOH, daily upgrades and getting caught in transitions can be annoying at times...
I am running #crunch bang linux a debian based distribuation, which is a good alternative if you are looking for newer apps.. It uses openbox a as a wdm, an is so lightweight, It use about 80 megs with nothing running. Anyways if you looking for debian alternatives. Their are always alernative to suit the linux users needs...
+John Bastian Alternatives I don't need, what I really need are workable solutions. Any package managed distribution is great just so long as it includes everything you want, and nothing you don't. That has never been the case for me.
Then build yours from scratch. Arch, and linux from scratch kind of provide this solution in their own setup/installs...
I just tried this installer the day before yesterday on a Dell Latitude E6410. It hanged in the middle twice. The first one is around network detection. (I didn't remember clearly.) After "CTRL-C", the installation resumed. The second one was just before bringing up partition manager. I tried many things but could not make it continue. Finally, I used an old 6.0 installer to do the installation and updated it to testing.
Nice to have workable wifi for WPA/WPA2 finally. This bit me when installing squeeze last year.
Okay, I grabbed this version of Debian Wheezy: 06-Aug-2012 05:58  648M  

And here's kind of my thoughts. Having used LiveCD install media since 2003, having to do a non-LiveCD install is a bit of a time-warp. Being asked to walk through steps like detecting and configuring the CD drive; and then the network adapter, did take me by surprise. 

That being said, I did find the installer easy to understand and work through. I was able to configure a 10gig primary partition as root, a 2gig swap, and the rest of the space for /home while retaining my Home files without a problem.   

I did run into an issue with configuring APT. I selected "FTP" basically was presented with fields I had to fill in manually... I just accepted the defaults... and the APT check failed. I went back and chose "HTTP" the second go around, and this time I was presented with a list of Debian mirrors, including ones that started with FTP. 
Hi everybody. As it is written in the linked email, problems should be reported as an installation report. Reporting here won't help since there is not a suitable medium to track bug reports and it is not expected to be read by the debian-installer team. Thanks!
+Je Saist this is normal. the url has nothing to do with the used protocol. also many file server can be reached either via ftp or http.

IMHO: http is the better protocol for file transfer
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