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Rakesh Choukse
Impossible to describe...
Impossible to describe...


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What Is Love?

💖 ❤ 💗 ❤ 💚 ❤ 😍 Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Evening to all my friends out there Globally! 😍 ❤ 💚 ❤ 💗 ❤ 💖

?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑?

I remember that day when all with the world was right
Everything seemed so very, very bright
As we travelled for hours along that winding road
Stopping here and there for photos to upload

The autumn colours as beautiful as a sunset
It was that very day our spirits finally met
In a place finally free from dark subdued light
Suddenly, we were finally shining so bright

A little overwhelming, I had said it could be
You needed to breath, take a break from me
And now you understand those dizzy thoughts
The ones you created with the love you brought

The love I hold finally to be shared
With my friend for whom my love has been bared
This love not to be hidden, but now open for all to see
My heart freely given, please take all of me

Your heart too my love you gave for me to hold
and it's safe, deep within my hearts stronghold
Forever to be cherished and nourished
For what a day it will be to see that heart flourish

Keep that smile upon your face my love
and those sparkling eyes keep them looking above
For those shooting stars that I'll send tonight
Will keep our love pure and shining throughout the dark night

?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑?

I remember like it was yesterday, the day I first saw your face.
I remember your smile so vividly, your beauty and your grace.
But little did I know. I could not comprehend,
that you would touch my life so much by becoming my best friend.

Your hand embraced with mine, the star lit sky did see
How, although my chest was pounding, I dropped down to one knee.
I didn't think my heart had room, for my love to grow
There's just no way to love you more, but how little did I know.

Dressed in white, our eyes then met, standing in that sacred room.
When we both agreed to be man and wife my love for you did bloom.
I cannot explain. My heart just grew. I've never felt this way.
But little did I know, that I'd love you more each day.

The memories remain, yet those days are now long past.
The time has gone so sweet and slow, but at the same time fast.
My love for you is greater now, than it ever was before.
But little do I know right now, how much I'll love you more.

?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑?

We dwell on the past, while living the present
But I admit, the past was unpleasant
Full of ups and downs, less pleasure more pain
We wished for the sun, but only got rain
We both made mistakes, put pain in our hearts
But here we are again, promising to never part
Counting our blessings and letting go of the past
Starting all over and making it last
Feelings and memories flow deep in my mind
Of those days our love was genuine and kind
Holding you close, feeling your skin
You look into my eyes and make my head spin
Those feelings are back, but stronger than ever
I know you're the one I wanna hold on to forever
We both smile again, nothing's better than this
Kissing you again was like our second first kiss.

?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑? ?̮̑●̮̑?

I close my eyes, and there you are;
you dazzle me, from near and far;
your silhouette - it strikes me too;
no other like it, uniquely you;
all perfect curves, from head to toe;
from hips to calves, from eyes to nose;
both inside and outside, your brilliance flows;
I crave your kiss, my heart explodes;
still strong without you, I remain;
though hard it is, each passing day;
I am bolstered too, each sunless night;
your voice I hear, turns dark to light;
I want you now, stay near to me;
eyes open wide, still you I see

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Love, love, love!
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At umariya..
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