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One-man developer living in Hong Kong and working in his spare time.
One-man developer living in Hong Kong and working in his spare time.


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Nice Simple Photo Widget has been udpated to 1.5.0 with a new feature and several improvements. Tapping on the widget to switch photos is a frequently requested feature, and now it is here. :) An update is also made to the built-in file browser so that it would work well in the latest Android systems.

I will publish minor updates for StyleNote and IsoPix to update their file browsers very soon as well, then my focus would probably be on the StyleNote major update/rewrite.

The complete changelog may be found in the link below.
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《簡約相片框》 的 1.5.0 版更新發佈了。現在單按桌面上的小工具一下就可以轉換圖片了。同時也更新了內置的檔案瀏覽器,在新的 Android 系統上應該會更好用。接著我也會為 StyleNote 和 IsoPix 做做小型的更新,把它們的檔案瀏覽器也換一換吧。之後我大概就會集中為 StyleNote 來個大型更新/重製了。

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I was on hiatus due to some personal problems for quite a while, but I am back now! I have been working on a new app to catch up with the latest Android app development technology. And today, the said new app - JustKana, a Japanese alphabet learning app - is finished! I wasn't able to finish it as quickly as I wished, but I did read and learn so much in the process. I am happy with that.

I have always wanted to learn Japanese mainly because I love animes. Unfortunately, however, for various reasons I never got past the Japanese alphabets (Hiragana and Katakana) stage. Now I made this app for myself and everyone who wants to start learning Japanese, I have no more excuses to not master the alphabets already. :)

JustKana's features:

• Beautiful Japanese alphabet tables - study both hiragana and katakana easily
• Human pronunciation - hear how kanas are pronounced
• Kana writing animation - watch and learn the stroke orders
• Kana writing practice - practice your writing right in the app
• Progressive quiz - memorize alphabets easily and progressively with customizable test scope
• Detailed performance report - learn effectively by understanding your strength and weakness

I am now ready for my next project - probably am gonna work on a major update/rewrite of StyleNote next. :)

JustKana and more screenshots of it can be found in the Google Play store link below.

#android #androidapp #japanese #hiragana #katakana
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為了學習及練習最新的 Android 軟件開發技術,之前兩個多月時間裏在工餘時都一直在做新 App。


新 App 的名字叫 JustKana,是學習日語五十音 (就是日文的字母) 的軟件。其實我自己一直也很想學日文,主要是因為喜歡看日本動畫吧。

但因為種種的原因也沒學到,始終連五十音也沒學好。寫了這個 App 給自己和其他有興趣開始學日文的人,我再也沒借口不把五十音學好吧。:)

JustKana 的特點:

• 漂亮的五十音圖表 - 包含全部的平假名及片假名
• 五十音真人發聲 - 撐握全部五十音的讀音
• 手寫筆順動畫 - 模仿學習每個字的寫法
• 手寫筆順練習 - 直接在程式上練習筆順
• 漸進形式的測驗 - 可根據進度自訂測驗範圍
• 詳細的進度報告 - 助你有效學習及複習日語

我已經準備好做下一個 project 了,大概會為 StyleNote 作一個大型更新或重製吧。 :)

JustKana 和更多的截圖可在下面的 Google Play 商店連結中找到。

#android #androidapp #japanese #hiragana #katakana
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Nice Simple Photo Widget has been udpated to 1.4.0. There are two major additions.

The first one is the ability to launch a photo viewer app of your choice when a photo is single-tapped on the photo browsing interface. So now if you want to show off your photo in another photo viewer app, you can do that with just two taps: one tap to open the widget's photo browsing interface, another tap to open a photo viewer app of your choice. You can choose the photo viewer app in Settings.

Another addition is the option that allows you to show all photos in the sub-directories in the slideshow mode. It should be a useful option if you have lots of photo albums distributed in several directories.

I wish the photo widget users would find the new features useful. Enjoy. :)

The complete changelog can be found in the link below:  
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《簡約相片框》 的 1.4.0 版更新發佈了。主要的新功能有兩個。




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A few users asked me whether they could donate to me to show their appreciation of my work, so I have created a donation page to accept donations. The thought of wanting to support me via donations is encouraging by itself. Thank you all again for your support in any form!
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StyleNote 2.2.0 has been released! It includes a feature wanted by quite a lot of users: homescreen widget scrolling. It can be used on Android 3.0 or newer systems. With this addition, now you can read your long notes directly on your homescreen without launching the editor. Since this feature involves some fundamental changes to StyleNote, it has been added as an "experiemental" option and is disabled by default for now. The option that enables this feature can be found under the "Homescreen Widget Preferences" section of the Options/Info screen (accessed via the "3 dots" menu button located at the top-right corner of the main StyleNote interface).

As this is experimental, please disable it and report any problem if it doesn't work for you, so that I can make sure everyone of you can use it. You can either email me or make use of our user forum. Thanks. Of course, this feature will "graduate" eventually and become a standard feature (i.e. enabled by default) in future updates. For now, please test it out! :)

The full changelog of the new version can be found in the link below.   #android   #androidapps  
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StyleNote《2.2.0 版》發佈了!主要的更新項目是有很多用家希望加入的桌面小工具捲動(scrolling)功能,可在 Android 3.0 或以上使用。有了這個功能之後你就可以直接在你的桌面上瀏覽比較長的記事了。由於這個新功能的實現涉及到一些根本上的程式改動,它現暫以「試驗性功能」的形式出現,而預設是不啟用的。如果你想試用這個新功能,你可以到主設定頁的「桌面便條小工具設定」分類中找到啟用它的設定選項。(設定頁可在 StyleNote 主介面右上角的「三小點」選單中進入)

因為這個新功能現階段還是試驗性質,如果你在使用它時有遇到甚麼問題,請把這個功能暫時關掉及透過電郵或用家論壇回報問題,好讓我確保大家也可以使用到這個功能。謝謝。在確定這個功能沒有問題後我就會把它列為正式功能 (預設啟用)。

完整的改版訊息可在連結中找到。 #android   #androidapps  
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