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Typical.  England puts up a good score at #iccworldt20 and we lose to thing that usually saves us.  And of course Broad follows it up with a classless comment about the refs.  So it's official he doesn't know when to walk and he doesn't know when to shut up.

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I might have to start believing in a divine being if the English manage to have any success in the ICC T20.

Either way, the selectors really need to go back to the drawing board for both limited over and test.

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At what point will the selectors finally cut their loses?

Every member of the English cricket team that was part of the Ashes whitewash needs to be shown the door, period.

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"Mike Brown, President, National Chicken Council."

That high school reunion is going to be hell.

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Look Trott choked and slinked back to England.  This is a known-known.  But if there is anyone who should NOT be calling out anyone it's Michael Vaughan.  Until Cook came along, Vaughan captained the worst English defeat at the hands of the Aussies.  If there is anyone who should do a "Trott" and just go away it's Vaughan (hopefully, he takes Cook with him).

+Code42 So I'm guessing that's a "no"?

Well that didn't take long +Code42 .  Found a company that wants my money  +SOS Online Backup .

Okay +Code42 , it's like this.  I have 3.5 months on my subscription and I really, REALLY need you to start supporting backing up to NAS.  So here is the question:  Are you planning on supporting this in a reasonable time frame (and by reasonable I mean 3.5 months)?

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Go read it.
And yes I get the irony.

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It's not often that I find myself agreeing with Ross Douthat but this op-ed is spot on.
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