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Jack Shap

Lord of the rings and family guy fans, I have thought up a cast for the
Lord of the rings family guy episode to parallel the family guy Star Wars episode.... Anyway here it is

Peter- Aragorn
Jesus- Gandalf
bilbo- bill Clinton
frodo- stewie
samwise- Brian
pippin- Carl
Prancing pony guy: Horace
Boromir- mort Goldman
elrond- mr.puterschmidt
gimli- joe (still in wheelchair)
Legolas- quagmire
Lurtz the uruk hai- the big chicken,
Eomer- Cleveland,
theoden- Adam west,
eowyn- bonnie,
gollum- herbert,
sauroman- James woods,
grima wormtounge- Bruce
galadriel- Dianne simmons
Celeborn- tom tucker
treebeard- sheamus
Farramir- dr.heartman
haldir- Kevin Swanson
Sauron- Sauron
Denethor II- peters dad
Witch king- death
Mouth of Sauron- reg. bottom tooth
Thranduil- quagmires tranny dad
Fellbeast, Shelob, cavetroll, balrog, other monsters ect- Meg

The most accurate ones are Peter as Aragorn because he likes arwen (louis) and elrond (mr.puterschmidt) isn't too happy about her marrying a mortal, then the big chicken for when arragorn decapitated him it would be funny if he ran around with no head. Plus sing bird is the word when the eagles arrive

I actually thoughtlong and hard about the shows characters relations in comparison with the books characters relations so this actually makes a lot of sense, lemme know whatcha think

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I died
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its been like two years since I updated my pro pic so yeah
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love it
make more things like this please! im subscribing
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What if...
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Name: Nikolai
Age: 22
Gender: male
Mutations: night vision, vampirism, retractable fangs, sharp claws, heighten senses, echolocation.
Equipment: Titanium edged katana with a black dragon crosspiece, 1 bronze spalder. Grapple hook with chain. Small leather covered booklet.
Bio: Born with fangs and trichotillomania ( compulsive disorder that makes you pull out your hair), knowing nothing of his family and being mysteriously abandoned as a small boy. Forced to fend for himself and with no friends, he devoted all his free time he's not building make shift shacks, he studied the shifts. While being so close to escaping, he won't leave without his bronze and leather baldric. His titanium katana, named Jade, is his prized possession.

( sorry my drawing is so bad.. )
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