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Hate Cleaning Your Carpet? This Article is for You!
Sure, you love the way your carpets look. Carpets add something to any room in just about any environment.  They radiate warmth and charm. They determine the overall mood of your home or office. But, no matter how much you love your carpets, there’s one thi...

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Don’t Be Afraid to b-creative with Your Carpets
There are so many carpet options available
on the market today.   And that’s a good
thing.   After all, not everyone wants to
have the same grey or blue carpeting in their homes and businesses that the competition
has.   If your business is especially

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Choosing the Right Carpeting for Your Entertainment Complex
Entertainment complexes, regardless of the type
of diversion they offer, are an essential part of modern life.   People need things to do outside of their home,
and they love to be entertained.   But,
behind the scenes, there is always plenty of work which ...

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What You Need to Know about Today’s Carpet Tiles
  Remember those old ratty carpet squares that
you had in your old office?   If you flinched
as soon as you saw the words carpet tiles, then you probably do.   But, not all carpet tiles are miserable like
the ones you remember.   In fact, most of
today’s ca...

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Caring for Your Carpets Is As Easy As...
Despite all the rumours to the contrary,
there are some people who absolutely love cleaning and maintaining their home
and office.  For these people, taking
care of their carpets is hardly a chore, and rather something to enjoy.  But, there is a strong chan...

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Why You Need Colour in Your Office (And How to Get It)
Offices are a peculiar environment.   Unlike our partners and friends, people do
not get to choose their colleagues (usually).   And unlike our homes, employees do not choose the environment they work
within.   Most offices and colleagues are
simply handed ...

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10 Reasons to Consider Carpet Tiles for Your Business
Perhaps you inherited the carpet in your office
or commercial business when you took over the lease, and now it is finally time
for you to replace your floors to match your company’s needs better.   Or maybe you are just starting out, and you
would like to ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Carpet Tiles
Carpet tiles are a necessity for a number
of businesses and social impact enterprises.   But, just because something is a necessity that does not mean that it
cannot be enjoyable (think about your food if you need an example).   Carpet tiles may not immedia...

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