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Christine Mckiver

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Of course it could be an illusion!! Freedom exists in the mind....... hahahahaha.........what if you have been brainwashed....and that includes all of could you know??
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Silence is Golden Love.........
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Christine Mckiver

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When I was a child of 8 I was mesmerised by the stars. Whilst I was 8 my parents screamed and physically fought with each other. I had to make sense out of all of this and therefore, because astrology made a prediction, I believed the answer lay here... in the planets.  Then I grew up and experienced many other areas, like, nursing, counselling, NLP and hypnotherapy, Metaphors of movement, EFT... etc  ...and I still go back to astrology ....well with a little bit of phsychotherapy and such to add to the beauty of it :)
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Christine Mckiver

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I re share this because I had forgotten how good it was and all I did was to listen again....that's all it takes sometimes....... you hear a different story but weirdly the voice has no connection, no male, no female..... it's like a collection of voices, all at the same time........ and you just know.
The unmistakable voice of Peter Gabriel......... I love it :)) Genesis climbing up on Solsbury Hill ........"dance  like no one is watching, sing like no one  can hear and love like you've never been hurt"   It makes sense.... when you believe :)
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Can you even imagine getting this phone call- "Hi, Kate, would like to play with Peter Gabriel on the David Letterman show?", especially when you're basically an orchestra, classically trained violinist? I'd think one of my friends was messing with me and hang up......
 and can anyone else hear "Glory Glory I Adore Thee" near the end of the song being played under the Solsbury Hill song?
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Christine Mckiver

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To Paris to France to all the world......keep breathing in and remain standing..... remain FREE.... we are all right by your side +Marie Hélène Visconti +Hervé Arki and +arnaud Denielou  and many other out ....and keep on being X "Je suis Charlie" :)
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+Christine Mckiver It does no more believe in me than I believe in it. let it bless the persons who believe in it.
I am atheist, but tolerant and I can live with friends who have other point of view...
Nevertheless, I like the image I have of you, young lady able to wake up early to get a perfect picture of the rising sun.
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Christine Mckiver

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Via the highly original +Gatos!  Who could say it better than this.... their knowledge being boundless and the attention span you and I can only try to imagine. Wonderful year my friend Gatos :)) Love to and hands across the miles....think of you and you're right by my side :))
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Un bel arbre pour des chats cultivés.
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Christine Mckiver

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Happy New Year to all the people who held me and who I hold dear...even to those who left me... I do not blame.  Life and learning and insight... and knowing the difference betwixt wisdom and fear and acting accordingly.  To a refreshingly fresh and "pull you up by your bootstraps"  Year...... I say more to me than to you... "Who told you that you were no good that you will fail....that you should not have been born?   ........ Then who saved you? ..... maybe it was you.... Have a year of great realisation and change and acceptance..........feel the freshness in the snow ......I have to go :) )  See you later I hope :D
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Great thanks. Have a great year
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Christine Mckiver

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I do everything that I can and still fall short......was I meant to be perfect?
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Christine Mckiver

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Spring into it....and feel the music and dance dance dance.....because I'm all about the base :)) This is my type of music and the fabulous voice makes a hell of a difference too Be real, clear, see, hear and matter how you do what you do, do it with compassion and passion and gusto ..."I'm all about the base bout the base" Wonderful week to you! 
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+Wayne Tregear BASS
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Christine Mckiver

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Here's a beautiful foal in a beautiful pose for my greatest friends who are with me to the ends how on earth could anything go wrong?
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Christine Mckiver

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It could be a beautiful day.... today......You only have to ask...forget the howel  of them and their many whines.  Today be all that you can...never falter    be you and be free  :)) Should you happen upon a dying swan.....I hope you can see through all of the above
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All the best for you, dear +Christine Mckiver!
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Christine Mckiver

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Have a great New Year :)) If it starts a little rough over weird terrain just stop......breath in and remember what you forgot... why did you begin this journey? Can you afford to waste one more can breathe out now.  I was born lucky...just look at the rock munching rock from the "Never ending story" Yes he is born and bread in the North East of England...I go here every time I feel like I'm failing......which is often.....just and out and in and out and... :))
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+Lloyd Montgomery  Thank you Lloyd..... I don't know what to say except .....thank you  Wonderful man.  :))
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Christine Mckiver

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All the lovely people and the flowers and the reasons for being alive and the people absent, at the moment.   To +Alison Thurston to Ian (always) Give your all and please give freely from your soul my there be present and if I see you there.........I will scream with joy and I will create mayhem and hug you and kiss you over and over and over again Be pure this NEW YEAR :))))))))
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U luk pretty Christine
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I do not follow the crowd unfortunately, because it would be easier. I can be logical but this is usually drowned by, what Carl Jung would call, intuitive feelings. I am told that I have a vast depth of understanding, regarding people. I find it is so deep even I cannot fathom it at times. I feel that we are all doing the best we can at any one time and that we are, where we are supposed to be at any time. I have fought a lot of the lessons life tried to teach me, in the past, now I accept that they had a very real purpose so I remain as open and accepting as I am currently able to. I love reading, mostly psychotherapy, NLP and spiritual books. I love photography and art, especially nature and animals, particularly cats, with vivid colours. I like politics because I love a good debate and I am a supporter of Human Rights. Thank you for taking the time to drop by and I hope you are enjoying your journey. I must add that if you want me to advertise on your behalf....NO. Do it on your own time. :))

Have qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Prctitoner and Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma.  I am a Registered Genral Nurse rtd. Change work therapy is what I am qualified to do and the principles of NLP have been incorporated into how I live my life.

Good evening/goodnight/good morning g+ friends. What ever the time where ever you are I hope you are at peace with yourself and your choices in life in this new year whatever your resolutions goals or dreams may be. Sometimes we strive too hard and the pressure we perceive as being exerted from an external source, is really what we have chosen to do to ourselves. Perhaps we should count our blessings instead of reaching for more in terms of achievement, money, bricks and mortar, promotion (professional or social).......does the world really need more bankers, salesmen, lawyers ? Might we be perpetuating the myth that "it will work this time and the economy will flourish for all time".......Perhaps we could do with more healers (Complimentary and Spiritual) and story tellers and poets and compassionate skilled helpers instead.  I do not have the answers but feel pretty sure that unless the intention of the decision makers is not "genuinely" for the good of all, then it will not work :)

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