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Kelly Smith
Works at KSmith Media, LLC
Attended Canal Zone College, University of Houston
Lives in Texas
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Kelly Smith

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Another great #DIYweekend   project.
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Kelly Smith

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Thanks for the invite! I own and operate 4 niche content sites all of which depend on social media for promotion. In addition I am a freelance writer with a focus on SEO oriented original content.
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Kelly Smith

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Hillary: "All my grandparents, you know, came over here [to America]."
Reality check: Her only foreign-born grandparent, Hugh Rodham Sr., immigrated as a child. The other three grandparents were all born here. Chalk up another whopper for the Queen of Benghazi.
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Hi Giorgos!
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Kelly Smith

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So where is The Emperor saying, "This could have been my son?" Seems like he has to weigh in on everything else...
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Kelly Smith

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More #Hillary posturing. Is anyone other than kool-ade drinkers and hubby buying it?
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Kelly Smith

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I'd go for the Canon; already own a Mark II and love it., Spider Holster & Friends are giving away your choice of a brand new Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III to one lucky photographer! Enter Today!
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Kelly Smith

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Is building a deck in your future? Here is some solid advice.
Installment 4 of the deck design and building series of articles explains laying out the post hole locations and setting your ledger board.
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Kelly Smith

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Lots of good info at this site! Enjoy!
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Kelly Smith

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You've got to wonder what the emperor is smokin'. Yep, he's in the dictionary under "delusional." #barackobama  
President Obama expressed amazement Wednesday that his opponents portray him as a tax-and-spend liberal, and he also gave a plug for the fiscal responsibility of the Clinton administration.
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Kelly Smith

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A very apt comparison. Imagine #Pelosi with wings and a beak.
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Kelly Smith

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Ahoy #marketers and #freelancers! Here is a free revenue spreadsheet I developed. #Freeware!
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Kelly Smith

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This is what happens when #muslims converge on a liberal sideshow to justify their atrocious behavior and put the fault on the west.
The second annual New Yorker Town Hall Meeting, moderated by George Packer.
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Webmaster, Freelance Writer, Photographer
Writing, photography, editing, website development, carpentry
  • KSmith Media, LLC
    Webmaster, Freelance Writer, 2006 - present
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Panama - Maine, Okinawa, Florida, Panama, Texas
Contact Information
Freelance writer, photographer, webmaster; also father, husband, woodworker, fly fisherman, and kayaker
Father. Husband, Writer, Runner, Kayak Fisherman... I'm all these things and more. I was born in Texas but grew up in Panama. You could say I was rain forest before rain forest was cool. Always a trendsetter, eh?

One of my main focuses just now is building my home improvement website. It's about 3 years old now and readership has really expanded. I also a Feature Writer for Suite101 and I'm the Houston Running Examiner.

As a freelance writer and editor, I would love to hear from you if you are looking for someone to provide your online or print content. Contact me at
  • Canal Zone College, University of Houston
  • University of Houston
    Computer Science, Math
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