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Vote for Mickabook, a #parrot   #rescue !

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#QuokkaSelfie - The Best Viral Photos This Week
My #1 reason for going to Australia: I discovered the #quokkaselfie hashtag today and now nothing else matters. A photo posted by laurascaz (@laurascaz) on Mar 1, 2015 at 8:21pm PST

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I highly recommend +Jill Lublin's course for DIY entrepreneurs. Her clients get press!
Are you ready to become a Media Magnet & get free exposure about your business?

Jill Lublin's Crash Course in Publicity

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Day 2: Honoring Agreements

Honor agreements with your network. Get back to them when you say you will, be early for your one-to-one meetings, and most of all treat their relationships with the utmost respect.

None of us our perfect and mistakes will occur. When that happens, acknowledge it without reasons, and recommit to your agreements.

By honoring your agreements, your referral network gets to experience the same level of care you would give to their referrals.

And more importantly, how you show you up in your agreements, gives them an impression of how you will treat their relationships as well.

Bonus: How are you keeping your agreements with yourself?

#28DayPotential #Networking

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Day 1: Cultivate Resilience in Social Media

It can be easy to burnout in social media. The constant bombardment of information, lack of results, the pressure to participate can be too much to handle.

Whether you do a little bit at a time, or decide to outsource, keep moving forward with analytical detachment.

See each result as feedback on where to improve versus all-or-nothing emotional attachment.

Are you willing to change your viewpoint to reach your true potential?

‪#‎28DayPotential‬ ‪#‎SocialMedia‬
Day 1: Cultivate Resilence

In Referral Marketing, you'll need to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince -- the Successful Referral Relationship.

"Bad" connections are just part of the process and should be factored in making successful connections.

Keep making connections, keep giving, and keep moving forward. You will attract the right people with time.


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The difference between #BNI & Referral Institute. #networking #referrals
What is the difference between BNI and Referral Institute?


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Great #socialmedia  resource.  Most people know the ideal tweet length, but I think most businesses get carried away with the length of their Facebook posts.

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Something Simple
My success: Teaching a successful, and hopefully fun, program for BNI members last night. I appreciate: 1. My husband.  2. Small business owners crazy enough to run their own business. :)  3. My beautiful nieces. 4. Electricity. 5. A warm home. I appreciate...
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