CherryPlayer 2.2.2 has been released today!! :)

1. Extended search settings with support more detailed search filters for different sources:

1.1. Support next YouTube music/video search filters
"Upload Date" ("Last Hour", "Today", "This week", "This month", "This year", "All time")
"Duration" ("Short", "Long", "Any")
"Features" ("HD", "Subtitles/CC", "Creative Commons", "3D", "Live", "Safe search")
"Sort by" ("Relevance", "Upload date", "View count", "Rating")

1.2. Support next SoundCloud music search filters
"Upload Date" ("Last Hour", "Today", "This week", "This month", "This year", "All time")
"Duration" ("< 2 min", "2 - 10 min", "10 - 30 min", "> 30 min", "Any")

1.3. Support next VK music search filters
"Search by" ("Title", "Artist")
"Sort by" ("Popularity", "Duration", "Upload date")

1.4. Support next VK video search filters
"Duration" ("Short", "Long", "Any")
"Features" ("High quality", "Safe search")
"Sort by" ("Relevance", "Duration", "Upload date")

1.5. Support next 4shared music/video search filters
sort by "Views" ("This month", "All time")
sort by "Size" ("Small", "Large")
sort by "Name" ("A - Z", "Z - A")
sort by "Upload date"

2. Added "youtube" button over youtube video, click on openes youtube video page in browser.

3. Added "vk" button over vk video, click on openes vk video page in browser.

4. Added "4shared" button over 4shared video, click on openes 4shared video page in browser.

5. Added "Open in Browser" and "Copy Url" options in context menu of audio/video item if it is web item source (youtube, soundcloud, 4shared, vk,, radio or http source). Context menu of audio/video item located on hard disk will have "Open Location" and "Copy Path to File" options. The same options available video context menu.

"Open in Browser" will open in browser web item page. For example for youtube video will be opened related youtube video page, for SoundCloud track will be opened related soundcloud track page, for track will be opened related track page etc.

"Copy Url" will copy web item page url to clipboard.

6. Fixed not worked search and not worked playback from

7. Fixed sometimes not worked playback music tops.

8. Fixed incorrect shown not-english symbols in SoundCloud search results tracks titles.

9. Video does not cover search settings panel now. 
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