CherryPlayer 2.2.10 has been released today!

In 2.2.10 release we added to CherryPlayer support of login to YouTube. So you can get now access to your YouTube channel, subscriptions and liked videos in CherryPlayer. Also one important change is that we replaced playlist "Most popular" in YouTube section to playlist "Popular on YouTube" that has now much more videos popular in your country.

1. Added login to YouTube with ability to get access to "My Channel", "Subscriptions" and "Liked Videos".
2. In YouTube section replaced playlist "Most Popular" to playlist "Popular on YouTube" in your country.
2.1. New playlist has much more videos popular in your country.
2.2. New playlist has playlists with latest most popular videos in your country sorted by different categories like "Sport", "Tech", "News", "Politics" etc.
2.3. New playlist has playlist "Popular now" with the most popular 200 videos in your country.

In next releases we consider to add next features:
- feature to like/dislike video and subscribe to YouTube channel. Also probably show more detailed info about played video.
- show more nice YouTube and Twitch channel info
- during radio playback show played "artist name"-"track name".
- proxy support
- support new game and music service(s)!
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