CherryPlayer 2.2.11 has been released today!

1. Fixed long delay before playing YouTube videos with resolution 480p and 1080p.
2. Added support of playback 1440p and 2160p YouTube videos.
3. For YouTube videos resolution 360p added support of playing audio with bitrate 128 kbps (previously bitrate was 92 kbps).
4. Music from YouTube is played with bitrate 160 kbps or 128 kbps (if available, before audio bitrate was 92 kbps).
5. 720p is set to be used as default video quality for Twitch and YouTube. Selected resolution is saved as default for the next playbacks.
6. Twitch was included as source in default video search sources.
7. While watching YouTube playlist it was set to show at once 50 videos and 50 ones more after every pressing on "Show more" button (previous value was 20).

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team. 
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