CherryPlayer 2.2.6 Released! (English version)

Did you ever play "Dota 2", "League of Legends", "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive", "FIFA 15", "Poker" etc? In 2.2.6 release we added to player support of service to watch live your favorite games. is enough popular service that becomes more and more popular in our days so we added support of this service in CherryPlayer. Now you can find your favorite game and watch its live stream in CherryPlayer. We tried to add to player all main functionality that you can find on official website. It is first version of integration to player, and we plan to improve support in the next releases.

You can ask what adventage from playback live game stream in player compare to browser? CherryPlayer uses hardware acceleration during playback live stream from so in CherryPlayer CPU usage is ~1-5% when if you play the same stream in browser then CPU usage is much more. For example on my PC playback live stream in browser takes 30-50% CPU depends from video quality and free resources. The same live stream is played in CherryPlayer with 1-5% CPU usage. Low CPU usage can be important for notebook to save charge. Additionally browser takes more RAM compare to CherryPlayer.

How to use in CherryPlayer?

In left panel you can find Twitch section with top "Games", "Channels" and "Videos" playlists. The structure is the same that you can find on official website. Select "Game" playlist and you can see top games, double click on any game will open playlist with all currently live streams for this game. Select "Channels" playlist and you can see top currently live streams. Select "Videos" playlist and you can see top videos from past broadcasts.

If you want to find your game or any channel/stream then go to video search, in search settings select "" source and one from available options "Live streams", "Channels" or "Games".

Every twitch item in playlist has channel name in rectangle, double click on channel name will open channel page with currently live stream (if available), highlights and past broadcasts videos.

Additionally you can sort live streams by languages, and sort videos by created date.

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