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1. Fixed incorrect playback of about 30-40% VKontakte videos. Video is played now if use user logins  on Vkontakte via  player. Without login some videos won't beplayed.
2. Added support for playback videos from rutube returned in the search results of VKontakte, these videos are played directly in the player without using a flash player.
3. Now 99% of the videos from VKontakte are played directly in the player without using a flash player. Accordingly to this player's installer won't prompt to install the flash player to play some videos from VKontakte. Sometimes when searching VKontakte returns  videos which links are not played (for example, reference is wrong, the video removed, etc.). In such cases will be black screen shown. There is still an ability in this case to play video in browser and make sure it is not played. (It is strongly recommended to report videos on support email if they are played in browser but are not in CherryPlayer.
4. Added an ability to choose quality of video played from VKontakte.
5. Fixed incorrect link opening in browser on Windows 10.
6. Improved Slovenian translation.
7. Updated site design.
7.1. In addition to the present option added an ability to download a player (portable version) in SFX-archives, zip archives, 7z archive, rar archive, zip archive, web installer.
7.2. Home page of the site translated into Russian:

CherryPlayer 2.2.11 has been released today!

1. Fixed long delay before playing YouTube videos with resolution 480p and 1080p.
2. Added support of playback 1440p and 2160p YouTube videos.
3. For YouTube videos resolution 360p added support of playing audio with bitrate 128 kbps (previously bitrate was 92 kbps).
4. Music from YouTube is played with bitrate 160 kbps or 128 kbps (if available, before audio bitrate was 92 kbps).
5. 720p is set to be used as default video quality for Twitch and YouTube. Selected resolution is saved as default for the next playbacks.
6. Twitch was included as source in default video search sources.
7. While watching YouTube playlist it was set to show at once 50 videos and 50 ones more after every pressing on "Show more" button (previous value was 20).

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team. 

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CherryPlayer 2.2.10 has been released today!

In 2.2.10 release we added to CherryPlayer support of login to YouTube. So you can get now access to your YouTube channel, subscriptions and liked videos in CherryPlayer. Also one important change is that we replaced playlist "Most popular" in YouTube section to playlist "Popular on YouTube" that has now much more videos popular in your country.

1. Added login to YouTube with ability to get access to "My Channel", "Subscriptions" and "Liked Videos".
2. In YouTube section replaced playlist "Most Popular" to playlist "Popular on YouTube" in your country.
2.1. New playlist has much more videos popular in your country.
2.2. New playlist has playlists with latest most popular videos in your country sorted by different categories like "Sport", "Tech", "News", "Politics" etc.
2.3. New playlist has playlist "Popular now" with the most popular 200 videos in your country.

In next releases we consider to add next features:
- feature to like/dislike video and subscribe to YouTube channel. Also probably show more detailed info about played video.
- show more nice YouTube and Twitch channel info
- during radio playback show played "artist name"-"track name".
- proxy support
- support new game and music service(s)!

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We are working now on support more YouTube features in player. You will find a few new YouTube features added to player in 2.2.9 release.

1. Added in YouTube section "Browse Channels" playlist with sorted by categories top YouTube channels, like on site.

2. Added support searching YouTube channels, playlists, movies and show.

3. Show for every YouTube item its channel name. Channel name is located in rectangle, click on it will open channel page with a few options:
3.1. List of videos belongs to this channel.
3.2. List of playlists belongs to this channel. Double click on playlist will open page with playlist content.
3.3. List of channel subscriptions.

We hope to add login to YouTube in next release.

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team!!-%28English-version%29

CherryPlayer 2.2.8 Released!

1. Fixed not worked Twitch on some PCs that was the main reason of this release.
1.1. Fixed empty Twitch top playlists on some PCs.
1.2. Fixed empty Twitch search results on some PCs.
1.3. Fixed not worked Twitch playback on some PCs.

2. Added first version of login to Twitch. In left panel you can find "Login" button. After successfully login you will find in left panel playlist "Following" with your followed "Channels", "Games" and "Videos".

3. Show "OFFLINE" text over video if start playback twitch channel that is offline.

4. Fixed missing artists name in search results from

5. Fixed not played some tracks from SoundCloud. 

CherryPlayer 2.2.7 Released!
New features added:
1. Added support drag&drop twitch urls (game, video, stream and channel profile) from browser to playlist, related metadata will be loaded for added twitch item.
2. Added support "Open Url" Twitch urls (game, video, stream and channel profile), related metadata will be loaded for added to playlist twitch item, and either stream/video playback will start or game/channel profile page will be opened.
3. Added support command line in installer to use it in web installer. Web installer will install all time latest version of CherryPlayer. Web installer will be available for downloading on main website sooner.

Fixed bugs:
1. Fixed sometimes stopped video and music online playback. This issues were very visible during playback VK video, sometimes during radio playback.
2. Fixed sometimes stopped video playback after Pause/Resume for YouTube videos.
3. Fixed sometimes still continue buffering for a few seconds played online music/video after pressed stop.
4. Fixed incorrect worked fullscreen controls if enter into fullscreen mode on NOT primary monitor (fullscreen controls were shown on Primary monitor when player/fullscreen window is on another NOT primary monitor).

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team!!-%28English-version%29

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CherryPlayer 2.2.6 Released! (English version)

Did you ever play "Dota 2", "League of Legends", "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive", "FIFA 15", "Poker" etc? In 2.2.6 release we added to player support of service to watch live your favorite games. is enough popular service that becomes more and more popular in our days so we added support of this service in CherryPlayer. Now you can find your favorite game and watch its live stream in CherryPlayer. We tried to add to player all main functionality that you can find on official website. It is first version of integration to player, and we plan to improve support in the next releases.

You can ask what adventage from playback live game stream in player compare to browser? CherryPlayer uses hardware acceleration during playback live stream from so in CherryPlayer CPU usage is ~1-5% when if you play the same stream in browser then CPU usage is much more. For example on my PC playback live stream in browser takes 30-50% CPU depends from video quality and free resources. The same live stream is played in CherryPlayer with 1-5% CPU usage. Low CPU usage can be important for notebook to save charge. Additionally browser takes more RAM compare to CherryPlayer.

How to use in CherryPlayer?

In left panel you can find Twitch section with top "Games", "Channels" and "Videos" playlists. The structure is the same that you can find on official website. Select "Game" playlist and you can see top games, double click on any game will open playlist with all currently live streams for this game. Select "Channels" playlist and you can see top currently live streams. Select "Videos" playlist and you can see top videos from past broadcasts.

If you want to find your game or any channel/stream then go to video search, in search settings select "" source and one from available options "Live streams", "Channels" or "Games".

Every twitch item in playlist has channel name in rectangle, double click on channel name will open channel page with currently live stream (if available), highlights and past broadcasts videos.

Additionally you can sort live streams by languages, and sort videos by created date.


CherryPlayer 2.2.5 Released!

New features added:

1. Added much more radio stations for different countries (in left panel select "Radio"->"Countries"), for Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, United States.
2. Added hotkeys to seek playback position back/forward:
2.1. Seek playback position back on 5 seconds, use "Left" key.
2.2. Seek playback position forward on 5 seconds, use "Right" key.
3. Show over video changed volume value in %.
4. Show over video changed playback position value during seeking.
5. Added option "Open with CherryPlayer" in Windows context menu.
6. Added ability to associate with player playlists files "*.m3u", "*.m3u8" and "*.pls".

Bugs fixed:
1. Fixed not loaded YouTube tops.
2. Fixed not played some tracks from music tops.
3. Fixed missing images for some YouTube videos.
4. Changed hotkeys behavior:
4.1. "Volume Mute", use "Ctrl+M".
4.2. "Volume Up", use "Up" key.
4.3. "Volume Down", use "Down" key.
5. Improved dragging thumb slider.
6. Improved volume slider behavior.
7. Improved checking for installed Adobe Flash Player in system that is required to play some VK online videos.

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team!!-%28English-version%29

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CherryPlayer 2.2.4 Released!

New features added:

1. On topbar settings button was added. We will add different settings with every next release.

2. Added ability to change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue for played video:
2.1) Right mouse click on video and select in context menu "Video Settings" option to open "Video Settings" dialogue where you can setup Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue.
2.2) Click on "Settings" icon at topbar and select in context menu "Video Settings" option to open "Video Settings" dialogue where you can setup Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue.
2.3) Press hot key "Alt+V" to open "Video Settings" dialogue where you can setup Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue.
2.4) Press hot key "Shift -" and "Shift +" to setup Brightness, hot key "Ctrl -" and "Ctrl +" to setup Contrast, hot key "Alt -" and "Alt +" to setup Saturation, hot key "Ctrl + Alt -" and "Ctrl + Alt +" to setup Hue.

Fixed bugs:

1. Fixed bad sound quality during audio/video playback. Extended audio settings will be added in next releases.

2. Fixed not played some H264 video.

3. Fixed not worked hot keys in fullscreen.

4. Improved slider work if mouse press on thumb and drag it (for example, thumb of volume slider)

5. Fixed shown incorrect in playlist not-English titles for tracks added from local disk.

6. Fixed played with jerks some radio.

7. Temporary disabled option to restore player window position/size at next start, every next start player window will have standard size. Option of saving/restoring player window position/size will be added to settings in coming releases.

Sincerely your CherryPlayer team!!-%28English-version%29
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