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Hmmm.... if iOS is this fall BlackBerry's another 2 years forward....
Are there any blackberry users out there? Maybe some executives who use it for its email client. They will not play ingress.
It already runs on BB10 ;) My primary device is my Z30 now and it runs ingress great, although I would love to have a quad core device (it's a little sluggish, sort of like my old S3)
John, you can install the SNAP Blackberry application via the chrome plugin to access the play store, then install google play service and google logon services from there.
I want Ingress on my Palm Treo. And as pen & paper game.

I cant get it to run on my Z10, and Im not forcing it to end up with some stupid ban...release it formally so I can use it without recourse. Currently using Nexus 7 hot-spotting to BBerry
Steve, its not worth it on the Z10, the specs are just WAY to low. To run it on the Z30 all you need is google login services, google play services, and SNAP to get it from the play store. Its not forcing it to run, you just have to install the google services that arent by default included in the runtime on the phone.
It runs okay on the Z10 with a little bit of lag. I installed it as a test and don't use it actively (Note 3) but out of any platform this is the most realistic to implement it for since it well already exists. :)

For anyone who wants to know how just Google CrackBerry and Ingress. As noted previously apparently people are getting banned but as for exactly why shrugs

Maybe +DeCode Ingress should change the subject of this one to DOOOOOONEEE! :p
Blackberry for the black faction... nice.
Woo, so there will be a whole 20 bb ingress users
When will the Nokia 2110 version come out? I'm bored of snake
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