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My 2017 Oscar Predictions
I'm running very late with this. I have seen most of the nominated movies (except for
Hacksaw Ridge and Hell or High Water). I liked many movies I saw this year, but I didn't
have the same "This is a classic! " response the way I did when I saw Spotlight ...

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I did not see my shadow outside of Pittsburgh this morning so winter is over. And if you believe that..,

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2016 was a particularly bad year for me (see <a
blog post on 2016</a>) so I wanted to end the year by burning my calendars.

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My Year in Statistics and Life Facts Jim and I have been a couple for over 40 years. Wow, who'd've thought? ;-> We've been parents for 36 years and Leslie finally moved into her own apartment. I walked 1500 miles. Really. I'm particularly proud of that....

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Carrie Fisher, Patty Duke and Me
I never met the two famous women in my title. However, I really knew both of these talented women better than most. I absolutely idolized The Patty Duke Show when I was 6. I had an on-going fight with my mother for months as she felt it was on too late fo...

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Fairness and Donald Trump
Fairness and Donald Trump On November 10, 2012, the "real" Donald J. Trump tweeted: Just had a very open and successful presidential election.
Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair! No, these are not professional pr...

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From Registered Republican to a Registered Democrat
Many women have been writing about how their experiences with misogyny have led them to support Hillary Clinton. I whole-heartedly agree, though my experiences have been a little different. So I want to talk about my
gender issues and how my politics have...
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