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Is the Bible clear? If so, why so many denominations?
G. K. Beale, Carl Trueman, and Ryan Kelly April 30, 2011 Clarus 2011 -- Scripture: God Speaks The SW Regional Conference of The Gospel Coalition

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A Proper Time - Scripture Jam

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Authentic Devotion - Ben Stuart Sermon Jam
A sermon jam typography video made from excerpts from Ben Stuart's sermon, "Pure and Simple Devotion" on September 26, 2014. Watch the full sermon at:

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Book Review: Honest Evangelism by Rico Tice
there is anything that gets most Christians nervous, it's the topic of
evangelism. We get distracted, apathetic, preoccupied, fearful or overwhelmed.
Rico Tice seems to come alongside and say I know what you are feeling, I feel
it too. Rico Tice's approa...

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Should Canada ban the niqab? Athar Khan vs John Downs
Marissa Semkiw of moderates this lively panel discussion: Athar Khan, a Muslim activist, says this head covering is not Islamic but was imposed on the religion. "Non-Muslim liberals don't get it," he says. "This is part of a broader campaign"...

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Debating Ontario's New Sex-Ed Curriculum: John Downs vs Christina Liu
The Liberals insist that the controversial new Ontario sex-ed curriculum will be implemented in the fall "regardless of opposition" from parents. Parent Christina Liu hopes this won't be the case. She says the program isn't age appropriate. For example, in ...

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J. R. Miller - People with Sore and Bruised Hearts (Christian devotional)
A large video collection of classic hymns, contemporary Praise and Worship songs, and the works (audio books, devotional readings, and sermons) of men greatly used of God, such as: Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, A.W. Tozer, A.W. Pink, John Owen, Oswald...

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John Piper: The Pursuit of Joy Is Not Optional
An excerpt from "When I Don't Desire God" by John Piper. Available now as a free Ligonier Connect course in partnership with

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Is Jesus the Only Way to God?
In 2001, John Ankerberg interviewed William Lane Craig on on the subject of, "Jesus of Nazareth." In the interview, Dr Craig was asked a number of questions about the historicity of Jesus, the evidence of the resurrection of Jesus, the reliability of the go...

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Becoming Worldly Saints, Michael Wittmer – Session 8 – What is Our Destiny?
Session 8 – What is Our Destiny? To receive the FREE study guide and learn more visit Can you serve Jesus and still enjoy your life? You long to be radically committed to Jesus, but you're not sure what that means f...
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