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Maverick Education And Training

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To concretely contribute to improve productivity by improving quality of manpower in various organisations.
To bring up professionalism by bringing up customer-orientation in various organisations.
To develop understanding between employers and employees by understanding them and their interactions.
To work upon various organisations in the direction of building up conducive CULTURE.
To keep learning without ignoring the need to improve ourselves as well.

OUR INSPIRATION - Involvement and observations in business have rendered the founders an opportunity to undergo and study problems related to manpower. After analysing the recurring problematic circumstances commonly related to personnel in almost all business houses, it was noticed that on one hand the business houses are interested in productivity, in general, to cope up with the competitive market environment on the other hand the candidates are not pre-conditioned to suit the requirements of jobs themselves, may it be of any type. This clearly indicates that to enhance the productivity in general, preconditioning and equipping of candidates for the concerned work environment is absolutely essential.
This diagnosis, after allowing sufficient thought and also being supported by opinions of various people in business lays foundation of a concrete, constructive and definite idea: Maverick Education and Training.
The founders wish to dedicate this institute to imparting ‘knowledge that works’ assisting all those who need proper training and guidance and also those who seek trained manpower that generates desirable results.

To create state-of-the-art facility and most conducive culture and learning environment

Impart knowledge through programmes from Kindergarten to Post-graduation

Design and implement various training programmes to develop & enhance skills useful to the global industry

Facilitate creation & enhancement of Attitudinal Competence & Values in Learners & Organisations.

Develop learners bearing qualities like Enthusiasm, Leadership, Innovativeness, Entrepreneurship by working on: Character + Conduct + Competence + Consistency

Ensure that students, faculty and staff are encouraged to enhance their intellectual capacity, improve their technical and professional skills & overhaul their attitudes through: Continuous Development Programmes

Bring out measurable positive results consistently

Learn & improve ourselves continuously

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Thus, the quality of talent we generate through our dedicated and creative endeavours encourage strong bonding with organisations all over the globe for their employment needs and also allow us a solid contribution to the society.

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