Koda Needs A Forever Home

Labrador Retriever Mix & Hound • Adult • Male • Large
Brown County Humane Society Nashville, IN

Koda loves everyone and everyone loves Koda. Typical of the Golden/Lab breeds, Koda thinks life is one jolly adventure. He is happy to go for a walk with anyone that will take him. When off leash, Koda gallops like a puppy and will tumble over his own feet in a quick turn. Although he is 3 years old, he acts like a big, goofy teenager that hasn't quite grown into his body. He loves to chase a ball and enjoys romping with other dogs. Koda is very affectionate with people and really enjoys being petted. He's a bit on the mellow side for a young retriever and so will be a terrific family pet.

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Sharing for #FidoFriday curated by  +Suhaib Ayaz .
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