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I filed QP report requesting additional optimizations of RTL and FMX frameworks for ARC compiler.

This is rather simple optimization I have previously blogged about, and it involves removing unnecessary reference counting during collection iterations.

It is kind of a dirty hack - in terms of making code uglier (not too much), but it is safe and doable. Also it does not have to be applied to all code at once.

If you are interested in squeezing more speed please vote for it :)

Also, if anyone knows about some particular piece of code in Delphi frameworks code that should be optimized because he knows it represents a bottleneck, please file it as separate report as this one is rather general one and it can take time to be applied to all the places where it could be.

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Single or nested try...finally blocks?
None will prevent the memory leak if your destructors are broken.
Exceptional Safety
Exceptional Safety

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Optimizing ARC the hard way
Optimizing ARC the hard way

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Stack Overflow is currently running their annual developer survey.

This year they actually included Delphi as one of the options. so you don't have to type it under other category.

Regardless of your opinion on usefulness of such surveys, if you have Stack Overflow account, go there, fill it up and make the difference.

If you don't have Stack Overflow account.... well, what are you waiting... make one...

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Emerald Coast Florida, U.S.A. December 24th, 2017 11:59am C.S.T.

Joe C. Hecht of Code4Sale, LLC is very proud to announce that the ÜberPDF™ SDK version 1.0 is now complete, is ready for public distribution, and will be made available for download in the next few days.


The ÜberPDF™ SDK is a commercial grade PDF SDK tool-kit that operates on PDF files at the lowest possible level, therefore is fully capable of rivalling the capabilities of all other PDF SDK's to date.

The ÜberPDF™ SDK ships via the open source ÜberBuild™ utility that downloads, configures, builds, and tests the ÜberPDF™ SDK system from the ground up, all from 100% open source code.

The ÜberBuild™ utility make it easy for anyone to build the ÜberPDF™ SDK on most any platform.

Official pre-compiled binaries will also be made be available for those wanting a fast "out of the box" pre-built solution for a given platform.

ÜberBuild™ and the ÜberPDF™ SDK is available for every major platform, processor, development tool, and linking preference, including Windows UWP applications for both the Intel and ARM platforms.

The build system is fully capable of a complete native compile on most any device, ranging from lowly devices such as Smart-phones and ARM boards (such as the Raspberry PI), all the way up to cross compiling on Windows, Linux, and OSX systems.

The ÜberPDF™ SDK build system is comprised of approx 2,900 source files (approx 375 MB) that produce a optimized linkable release image for the SDK of approx one megabyte (on most platforms).

The ÜberPDF™ SDK was extensively tested by importing and combining the pages of the offical PDF Version 1.7 ISO 32000-1:2008 specification document, The PostScript® RED Book, The PostScript® GREEN Book, and the PostScript® BLUE book, then recursively disassembling the resulting document down to the lowest level (native PDF objects), including parsing the content streams.

The ÜberPDF™ SDK can be coupled with the soon to be released GX Math & Graphics™ package to form optimized PDF viewing and edit systems on a wide variety of platforms.

ÜberBuild™ and ÜberPDF™ are trademarks of Code4Sale, LLC.
GX Math & Graphics™ is a trademark of Joe C. Hecht
PostScript® is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated

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