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Played our first session of a Night Witches campaign tonight. Our intrepid young ladies ( Lara, Hanna, Masha and Ira )managed to make it to Engels and through training. Making a name for themselves in some good and bad ways. They managed to make an enemy of Tatyana and her gang of lackeys by standing up to her bullying of the other girls. Impressed the captain with their initiative and pulled off their first bombing mission without a hitch. Now if they could just navigate the dangerous social waters as deftly as they do the night skies.

Now it's off to the front, Galina and Alexandra in tow,To brave the Fascist dogs and strike back for the Motherland! 

This week was interesting. We received notification from our land lord about our lease coming due in a month and its renewal along with a rent increase. Which sorta sucks . Not the rent increase. As that is expected. But more the fact that one of my roommates is not going to renew. so the possibility of having to move out withing the next month is looming over my head.

Moving sucks. However the silver lining to all this is that it has galvanized two other friends to be interested in taking up the slack on the rent/roommate front. Seeing as we will have two empty rooms. This whole thing might work out as a rent cost reduction. Which is nice.

But more importantly, this means the mother in law downstairs will be open. And I am seriously considering taking up the larger portion of the rent to move down there. The bonus is that were I to do that. I would bend my not inconsiderable resources into making a game room! If all goes well. I will soon have a clean, pet dander free , spacious ,comfy and well appointed place in which to do board games, RPGs, watch movies and schelp around with friends. Here's to wishful thinking.

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Fuuuu.... Where is my Bacta Tank?! 2017 is off to a great start. 3 days in and I fall 4' off a 6' ladder. Fractured Radius, dislocated wrist, possibly broken wrist, black eye and some serious rugburn on my forehead. From where i saved my ribs from landing across the ladder with my patented face break. I find out whether or not i need surgery on it next week. But judging by the doctors response I'm guessing that I will.

Strangely, my shoulders, side and hip hurt worse than my arm. Except for when I forget about it and hit it on something. I'm far more worried about my rotator cuffs than my off-hand at the moment. I hope the stiffness and sore spots go away quickly. Thinking about going in for a massage here in a day or two once it is past the acute stage.

On the bright side. Work is being far cooler about it than I had feared. I'm on light duty. Driving around materials I don't have to load and unload, bossing around apprentices. It'll be less hours for a while I believe. Mostly due to there being less "light duty" tasks in construction. Than say, desk work. But L&I should be covering it all. So that is a worry is off my shoulders. 

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this baby just arrived on my doorstep. Now if only they would get Blades in the Dark and AW 2ed out the door.

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First things first. I am not a huge fan of playtesting. I have, in the past done some playtests Which were, being playtests, very half baked and fell flat. But in the interests of fostering game development and supporting my friends ideas and creativity I tend to at least give them a shot and offer my input for what it's worth. I'm not very technically minded when it comes to rules mechanics. And tend to go more with my gut in such matters. Which may not always be the best course but shrug

So, when Jeremy invited me to his place to run play through of his new Jane Austin game I figured. " Hey, not really in my wheelhouse. But, help a friend , get a game and have some laughs. Sounds like a worthwhile expenditure of my afternoon."

And am I ever glad I did. While at the moment the rules are the barest skeleton. In a nutshell (currently) the game is a dichotomy or 'Events' the big parties and social gatherings where the PCs get to rub elbows with their peers, attempt to woo suitors and just generally make a name for themselves in the upper crust of Regency society. The other phase of the game is the in between times. Where PCs socialize, plot and plant and attempt to hedge their bets in preparation for the upcoming Event which provides the main focus of play.

When it is all said and done it's a wonderful romp. With a friendly competitive bent. The girls striving to gain notice and get to know the true character of the limited supply of marriageable men. All the while trying to one-up their friends and sisters and move to the head of the pack. Praying that they can find the right man and be forced to settle for "good enough' or gasp become a spinster. I am very much looking forward to trying this again and it's on my To Buy list if Jeremy ever publishes it.

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While bumbling around on YouTube today I stumbled across this little gem of a performer, Max Raabe. Makes me want to play Mickey's Monsterhearts Weimar all over again. He does a ton of 20's-30's songs with a full band. And so I went down the rabbit hole. And when I found out he does a cover of Oops I Did It Again I was sold. Going to have to order a CD or something.

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I only infrequently post on here. Not necessarily because I'm doing nothing. But usually, more because I don't feel I have anything worthy of making a post about. However, this weekend after a binge watching session of Star Wars: Rebels. (A show which I cannot recommend enough. It has it's occasional dips into silliness. But on the whole, it is an enjoyable watch.) Posting this here partly for the sake of having some form of rough notes and perhaps in the hope that others will read this. Give the game a shot or be intrigued enough to want to run/play a game in the future.

we did our officially first session of the Star Wars game that my roommate Dave has been wanting to run. It's an interesting system and rather intuitive. I am usually not a fan of games that use custom dice. But I'll make an exception for this one. It's fast, intuitive and places a lot of narrative control in the hands of the players. I thoroughly enjoyed our somewhat abbreviated session.

We are still all a little unsure on the rules. With an occasional thumbing through the book looking for some tidbit of information. And it is a bit crunchier than games I usually tend to play. But it spurred my imagination and got me to thinking about running something with it one of these days down the road.

The Characters So Far:
Tobor: A Chadra fan ace pilot. Who looking to escape a life of drudgery on his home world scrimped and saved, along with his sister, money to buy their way off planet. Only to have his sister killed in a freak tidal wave that routinely ravage the planet.

Having nowhere else to go and tickets off world. He left, seeking his fortune among the stars and eventually falling in with the rebellion. where he became a fighter pilot. and after an engagement with the Imperial Navy the sole survivor of his squadron. Branding him a "Jonah" and resulting exclusion and relegation to a transport co-pilot.

Sona'Pel Lareen: A Twy'lek slave and majordomo in training to a Hutt lord. Who, having grown attached to her mentor. Another old alien slave in failing health. And learning of the Hutts planned disposal of the old man once she has finished her apprenticeship. Hatches a plan to steal away with money and vital information and flee with her mentor and two slave children to the rebels. Hoping to trade the stolen goods for guarantees of safety for herself and "family" from the rebels.

Lodor: The Rodian splicer (Who we know the least about due to our third being away with family when we did char-gen a few weeks ago and having to throw together a character in a matter of minutes. >.>

What Has Come To Pass:
Days after the destruction of the first Death Star the Rebel base on Yavin IV is hurriedly evacuated in anticipation of the inevitable Imperial retaliatory counter strike. Our intrepid heroes (being deemed expendable enough to be tasked with stickign around) are going about their business of hurridly packing up the less essential parts of the Yavin Base that earlier transports could not hold. And preparing themselves to leave for their pre-assigned rally points.

When a flotilla of Star Destroyers comes out of hyperspace and commence an attack on the base. Disgorging ground force which rapidly overwhelm the skeleton crew of left-behinds.

Cue a run and gun scramble to get off the planet and evade the Imperial blockade. During which, a prepped transport is commandeered and used to escape off planet (along with whoever happened to be handy and on the spot/ not already shot by Stormtroopers).

As we break atmosphere, we are set upon by TIE fighters and after some fancy flying and fast talking which buys us enough time to spool up the hyperdrive and escape. Having had an option to choose a jump location or, saving time, used the shuttles pre-programmed jump destination. We go for the latter and end up dropping out of hyperspace 'safe' in a random system none of us know anything about. Other than knowing that there is some sort of Rebel presence on planet or the shuttle would not have been slated to travel to this planet.

We continued a bit after that. But, the long short of it is this. We met up with the rebel cell on the planet. All three of them. Which with our 5 refugees, more than doubles the rebel presence on planet. It's going to be touch and go as we eke out a safe place to hole up, drum up support, disrupt operations on planet and await news form the rebellion and our loved ones .

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So, in other news I just bought Jason Moningstar's new game Skeletons. A freeform RPG, in which you play cursed skeleton tomb guardians compelled to thwart intruders. The downtime between tomb intrusions is spent in the room together, lights off in silent contemplation awaiting the next call to defend the tomb. I might need to do this in the near future.

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Not entirely on topic. However , seeing as many of the people who are interested in Night Witches are also at least mildly interested in history. I figured I'd link this interesting lecture. The title really says it all. And requires little expanding upon. either way the US Army War college has some wonderful lectures posted on YouTube

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I was pleased to get home from breakfast today to discover this. I am excited about the new edition. And will snap it up as soon as it hits the shelves. Many of  hte changes look to be moves in the right direction. I'm not 100% sure about there being SO MANY combat moves. But As I've not tried  them out, or seen them in their final incarnation I am reserving any judgement. And Instead building my 'squee factor'. Please Vincent, write like the wind.
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