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Self Publishing and Life
By Colin Dunbar Writing and self publishing with a 9 to 5 job, and a family can be challenging, but it is possible. Sometimes, when life's priorities come your way, writing usually takes a back seat (or, more accurately, dealines). The thing to remember is ...

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You CAN Self Publish Your Book
By Colin Dunbar Greetings! Sunday morning. The weather is overcast, with small patches of blue sky here and there. It's still a great day to be alive, and there's a lot to be grateful for. I received a mail from someone last week, and he said he didn't thin...

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Writing and reading... and other news
By Colin Dunbar It's Sunday morning, and it's a beautiful day sunny day. The blue sky has bundles of white puffy clouds. A great day to be alive and to be grateful for. Writing was minimal last week, as I was busy with my one client's ebook. I should be abl...

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Productivity and the Self Published Author
By Colin Dunbar   Another productive week! I was mainly tied up with two book design projects. These are 2 PDF ebooks, one is a web site that was turned into an ebook, and the other is an original ebook. I also designed the e-covers. On the writing side, I ...

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This is my Self Publishing Diary. Right?
By Colin Dunbar I'm really excited. I made a decision, and I hope it's something you'll find interesting, valuable, and hopefully sometimes useful. This is my self publishing diary, and I decided to treat it as a "dairy". Instead of just posting about my se...

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My first encounter with writer's block
By Colin Dunbar For many years I heard and read about writer's block, but I couldn't relate to it. And that changed... Writer's block was something "out there" - something that I passed off as a lack of focus, or procrastination, or even laziness. Sheesh, d...

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Why My Self Publishing Diary is on Hold
By Colin Dunbar I thought I would share why I've very quiet here, and why you also won't be seeing anything posted here for the foreseeable future (and I'm also asking for your help). To be honest, my last post was very cryptic. It was done in haste, and I ...

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A Special Request
Hello Can I please ask you to help me get the news out for my special indiegogo campaign.  If you could share this link in your social networks, it will be sincerely appreciated. indiegogo campaign Many, many thanks. May you experience only the best that ca...
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