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Constant Assessment: Making Data Useful
Assessment isn't about assigning a number to determine how a kid can perform on a particular day. Assessment is about figuring out what a kid does and doesn't understand (so far). Actually, lots of assessment is about that first thing. Educators spend lots ...

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Assess More; Test Less
Think about driving from Paris through pastoral northern France to Arromanches in Normandy. If someone asked you how the drive was, would you simply report your successful, on-time arrival? Probably not. You'd probably mention the lovely scenery or how the ...

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Training: Measuring Effectiveness with Kirkpatrick's Levels
I have been a devotee of Kirkpatrick's 4 levels (he called them steps, but they are often called levels) of assessing the effectiveness of training since I read about them in the late 90s. I've used Kirkpatrick's levels as a framework for training evaluatio...

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What an Instructional Designer Can Learn from StudyBass
My wife bought me an electric bass for xmas. I have never played a musical instrument, so this represents a big new challenge. When I wanted to figure out some of the basics of how to play, I wandered around checking out YouTube videos and sites with music ...

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Angela Lee Duckworth: It's all About Grit
Reading articles about the misuse of the SAT reminded me of Angela Lee Duckworth's TED talk titled  The Key to Success? Grit .  Some of my strongest performers did not have stratospheric I.Q. scores. Some of my smartest kids weren't doing so well. Dr. Duckw...

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The Ivy Testocracy and the Unfortunate Misuse of the SAT
Salon brings us an article by Lani Guinier  Ivy League’s meritocracy lie: How Harvard and Yale cook the books for the 1 percent , which is an excerpt from her book  The Tyranny of the Meritocracy: Democratizing Higher Education in America . First of all, le...
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