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Helping individuals and businesses create strategies for success
Helping individuals and businesses create strategies for success

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Fail. Yes Fail. And do it Fast. - Want to learn something fast? Failing fast is learning fast, wasn’t it Thomas Edison that said something along the lines that every time you fail that you are just learning how NOT to do something and therefore by process of elimination every time that you fail you are one more failure close to success (unless its skydiving, in which case if you fail you’re probably gonna die). What I am really getting at here is that it is important to...

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Second Mouse Gets The Cheese - Image courtesy of Rick Takagi and Flickr. Strategy professors seem to love the first-mover advantage (FMA). I’ve encountered this phenomenon in both undergrad and grad school curriculum alike. The idea is that because a company is the first to enter a new market, it benefits from being the sole incumbent in a fresh, emerging industry. Yes, there are instances where it helps to be the first mover. As a first mover, if you suspect y...

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Be a Real Dude. Dude - There is nothing worse then having to work with someone who plays tit for tat games, behaves in a spiteful manner, and is untrustworthy- you know the type of individual that you have to have sign 50 agreements in order for them to do the right thing. Nobody wants to work with someone like that.. In other words, don’t be a sensitive drama queen- KEEP IT REAL- treat people how you want to be treated, do not take or expect anything that you did n...

Validation, that vital step! - Truth be told, OnwardPacks started as a senior thesis. With a team of 4, we created the business mod

Screw it just do it. - "It is better by noble boldness to run the risk of being subject to half of the evils we anticipate

Why Asset Protection? - Asset protection has become a topic of great interest to professionals, executives, business owners,

No? What's that mean? - No. Its a word we all have hear growing. Its one of the simplest ways of saying that something will

The Shift - One of the most important things when you are about to make the shift from employee to self employed

Fight wars. Not battles. - So often as people we allow ourselves to get caught up in little battles that do not matter for noth

Adversity? Just smile. - Smile. Any challenge, hardship or whatever is only going to make you stronger (and you really have n
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