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7 Tournament/Showcase Tips She Needs to Get Recruited!
As a sports parent and coach I understand the vital importance of an athlete maximizing her opportunities during a showcase, camp or tournament in an effort to get recruited.  Below are 7 surefire tips for how your athlete can stand out from the crowd to im...

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Will Her 2016 Be Better Than 2015...Find Out Here
The New Year always offers opportunity for hope, a new beginning, a blank slate. We set one or several "resolutions" for change in one or many areas of our life. However, for most of us the new year will look a lot like the old year simply because we refuse...

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The Championship Formula
After watching another exciting NCAA softball championship season it got me to thinking what exactly determines champions; meaning what separates them from everyone else? Championship games are always thrilling spectacles because of the endless unknown vari...

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How to Build a Confident Player and Team
Every coach wants to get the most out of his or her
players in an effort to give his or her team the best opportunity for success
on the field of play.  And every coach
knows that consistent performance is absolutely necessary for a player and team
to win, ...

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The Comeback Mindset
The “comeback”…one of the great elements of sport, when momentum shifts and player or team overcome the odds and prevails in dramatic fashion. After all what’s more exciting than the walk off hit to win the game or the clutch hit, pitch or play that forever...

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If your athlete is of college showcase age (14+) or soon will be you'll want to read my top 10 tips on how she can stand out in showcase events (whether games or camps): 1. Know WHY you are  there! This may seem simple but there is a HUGE difference in mind...

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6 Ways Fragile Confidence is Nurtured or Crushed
I like to compare a younger athlete's sports confidence to that of holding a new born baby. Of course extra caution is necessary due to how fragile the infant child is.  How any parent or coach handles their athlete(s) is no different. In truth how you "hol...

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Parent & Athlete: 5 Tips for "Big Picture" Thinking
The big picture . Sounds kind of cool, right? Today we all love "big," even outside of the great state of Texas! Bigger is always better, and the idea of big picture thinking  usually brings with it positive connotations and expectations. You know, the big ...
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