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Mac Tips, MacBook Air, OS X Lion
Mac Tips, MacBook Air, OS X Lion

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MacBook Air i5 vs i7 processors: Did you know that the i5 processors in the MacBook Air 11 and 13 inch are substantially different, while the i7 processors are the same? Did you know the now, for the first time ever, the graphics processor is now integrated on the same silicon chip as the CPU? Read the most interesting article at, now read over 125,000 times.

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After getting poor battery life on his new MacBook Air, J.S. commented on "For me it is not worth $999 may be $200 tops that is what it is worth if not less. But they wont sell a fad at that price."

I think a bit differently. I think the current Mac Air is the future of laptops: convenient, casual, incredibly portable and powerful. It's a laptop that's no a drag to carry, but it's powerful enough to do everything I need. If & when I need "big computer" features, like a giant high-res screen, fast networking, or a disk array, I can just plug in one tiny Thunderbolt cable to get it all. Magic!

I wondered if anyone else liked the latest MacBook Air. To my astonishment I found that although the new MBA models are pretty much the same physically as the last model, they're outselling the previous model by over 3 times.

That's about 1.1 million MacBook Air's sold in the last three months up to New Year. It turns out I'm not alone in my excitement...

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Sarah, age 16 from th U.K., plays electric guitar and sings, recording to her MacBook Pro via the built-in mic. She asked me how she could improve her recordings. I went for the 8 most important things I could think of...
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