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Sarah Headley
Mother of 2 and a writer.
Mother of 2 and a writer.

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Continue of Something Old... She could still remember the way that he first kissed her. It was so calm and comforting. She felt as though she needed more from the start, she craved it. Each touch was new, each stolen kiss was ...

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Will he come online tonight?
What to do till he got on? She could do her homework that she was assigned in class... no she knew that she wouldn't be able to give it the full attention that it needed. She could play the 360... no she still wouldn't be able to get past the level of Devil...

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Dreamless Sleep
She missed him, but not the way that she thought she would. She missed being his friend and always being able to turn to him when everything went crashing down on top of her. She hated him for so long for not fighting for her. For not believing that she was...

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The Boy
The boy I saw in school everyday and in church every Sunday. You know the one, the shy one in the back that kept staring at me with little more to say than a 'Hello' or a 'Goodbye.' The boy who I grew to love, without knowing so. The one who I now tell all ...

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Something old...
Shivani was so desperate not to get hurt that she pulled herself away from anybody that she thought even had the potential of hurting her. Including the one that meant the most to her. She thinks of him and the times that they shared together often. She mis...
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