You may have missed this last night. But you need to know. Privacy-Killing CISPA Bill Passes House #CISPA #STOPCISPA

CISPA, a terrible bill that would let websites hand over your personal data to the government with little oversight, just passed the U.S. House of Representatives. That's not good.
Although the vote was scheduled for tomorrow, in something of a surprise, it took place today, and passed the House 248-168.

The bill is still unabashedly a violation of your privacy rights—nearly anything you say or do online can be handed over to the government without so much as a warrant—although version of the bill that passed this afternoon is both better and worse than it had been in its original form. As CNET points out, one amendment was withdrawn before the proceedings that would have given the Department of Homeland Security sweeping and, more importantly, superseding authority. When it was in, CISPA would have been a DHS trump card, essentially, overruling any local or state legislation that contradicted it. That's gone.
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