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Poll: What all natural product would you like to see GreatFull Skin launch next?
A) Cleanser
B) Peel
C) Sunscreen
D) Aloe Vera
E) Other:_________
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Why are "By the Batch" Personal and Home Care Products Better?
During the past 10-20 years, the number of individuals with allergies, eczema and asthma has increased significantly. If you are an adult over age 30, think back to your childhood. You probably know many more friends and family members that have eczema, other skin sensitivities and allergies now than when you were younger. This drastic increase is no surprise when we consider the increased use of chemicals within ...the products we use.
Products made with natural and nearly all-natural ingredients are generally safer, gentler, healthier, and often more enjoyable to use than commercially made products. Returning to more natural products can enhance your overall well-being.
Artisans of handmade personal and home care products are typically quite knowledgeable of the ingredients that they use and generally have a passion for using and offering practical and/or luxurious green products that are healthy for their customers and safer for the environment.
Commercial products typically contain a variety of synthetic ingredients that can cause irritation, sensitivity, rashes and eczema. Commercial products can also dry out the skin and hair and cause it to age prematurely. Petroleum based ingredients, chemically derived preservatives, solvents and alcohols all can be damaging to our skin and bodies, especially with long-term or frequent use. Some ingredients found in detergent bars (the "soap" generally sold is not really soap by original definition), cosmetics and other skin care products are suspected of causing cancer.
Manufacturers of mass-made products are faced with several struggles in selling their products...
•Keeping competitive and keeping their prices low by often using the most cost saving ingredients or inferior quality ingredients.
•Adding enough preservative (usually synthetic) to ensure that their products do not go rancid (go bad) before they are sold to consumers.
•Fragrancing their products to appeal to consumers while keeping the cost of the fragrance down.
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