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German language is famous of having long words, this is the one I found on faz website today:


Quite impressive ☺

I'm running Linux at my home pc and during my last winter holidays I made a lot of movies with my +GoPro​ camera. There's no Gopro Studio for Linux, I knew that so i thought I'm going to install Windows in VirtualBox and use it for Gopro Studio.
VirtualBox provides 2d and 3d acceleration for Windows guests, I have enough CPU and RAM.
Gopro Studio installs fine, I can launch it but whenever I'm trying to open a move file it says out can't recognize the format. I haven't found a way around it. It probably doesn't make sense to ask Gopro, they'll say it's not a supported configuration, so I have a camera which makes movies I can't postprocess.
Looks like the only option is Lightworks.

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Spotify for Magazines is here! 

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Nice summary, I got my gear vr a few days ago and I like it a lot
Shattering Expectations – A Deep Dive into Current & Future VR Software

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So it seems YouTube is supposed to pay to artists after all? I've been thinking about it many times as I saw full albums on YouTube uploaded by whomever. 

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+Marcus Bennett​ do you know this one? 😉
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