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Torg Eternity - Perks By Cosm
When making a character for Torg I tend to select a Cosm first as that tends to define for me the way I'll play (pulpy, cyberpunky, etc). I felt it would be good to know what each Cosm offered for Perks since Perks are really the special powers and abilitie...

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Torg Eternity Cheat Sheet
I'm liking the new Torg Eternity so far. Someone local is doing a play-test of an adventure they want to run at a nearby convention this week. For prep I quickly put together a Torg Eternity Cheat Sheet. All you really need is Page 1 (for the PCs) and 8 (fo...

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David Dolph commented on a post on Blogger.
For me GUMSHOE basically boils down to the core concept of...You get a set of points to spend to get clues instead of rolling for them. That's it. The thing is, the rest of the system either doesn't work or is too "finicky".

For me, I like the core concept, but have determined I can use that concept without using GUMSHOE.

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Just released Fey Magic Items in PDF. I am particularly proud of this product as it is the first published collaboration with my wife. Here's the blurb...
"Here are 20 all new magic items that fit easily into a fey-themed or faerie-tale adventure. They run the gamut from whimsical to powerful and provide useful and unique magic items for any campaign. The majority of them have artwork included to show what they look like."

Thanks for checking it out.

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Natura Ferina - 5E CR15 Legendary Monster
Natura Ferina This gigantic
creature looks as if the ground suddenly stood up and started walking. It is
made up of dirt, grass, shrubs and small trees. The Natura Ferina is the embodiment of wild, untamed
nature. When civilization encroaches too much into ...

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My Top 100 RPGs
Lowell Francis over at Age of Ravens has started to put up his list of top 100 rpgs. Here are mine...  Didn't make the top 100, but I think are still relevant: Fuzion, Everway, Empire
of the Petal Throne, Metamorphosis
Alpha, Jorune, Dark
Conspiracy, Talisl...

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Cliche Tripe
Here are a few things that annoy me when I see them as part of the promo for a new rpg. All too often they are spouting things we've heard before, but are trying to present them as something new or unique. -"They walk among us" or "History is a lie" or "The...

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Just released What Came Before: 25 new Backgrounds for 5E...

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