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Journal of an independent progressive atheistic humanist

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What started out as story about a soccer team invoking religious privilege, that was posted on an atheist blog, took a left turn as the author and many commenters didn't seem to be concerned with an Islamic school soccer team forcing two Catholic girls to sit out half a match because the Muslim player's religion wouldn't allow them to mix with strange females. Could the fear of Islamophobia lead some atheists to overlook obvious religious bigotry? Looks like it can.

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Being a Humanist and an atheist, I get exposed to a range of views on religion. On the strict atheist side I hear about how religion should be left in the dustbin of history while on the Humanist side I tend to hear that religion is just pretty words that make people feel good. I’ve always found the idea that religion is just pretty words to be at best naive and ignores the reality in the world.

#religiousapologetics #religiousbigotry #Islamophobia  

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State Rep. Robert Sprague, R-Findlay, is using the typical Ohio GOP trick of adding terrible legislation to the state budget so the nasty part can’t be repealed through a referendum. The terrible law he doesn’t want to expose to the ballot box? Placement of community drug addiction recovery homes. Which is ironic because addressing drug abuse is one of Sprague’s causes he trumpets in his press releases and through normally introduced legislation.

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Perennial presidential election loser Rick Santorum, of the frothy Santorums, was brought on one of the Sunday political talk shows to pontificate on his warped view of religious freedom. He got the chance to be wrong about religious freedom.

#civilrights #religiousfreedom #frothy #indiana #gopfail  

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During a recent discussion about ISIS on Bill O’Reilly’s FOX ‘news’ show, Rev. Franklin Graham was brought on for really no other reason than to give his religious bigotry perspective. He actually said the government had been infiltrated by Muslims when in reality bigoted Christians, like himself, have infiltrated the government and they are actively passing their form of Sharia law on the rest of us.

#churchandstate #Islamophobia #religiousbigotry  

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If Christians can claim religious freedom as cover for their bigotry then maybe those of us who oppose them can refuse to do business with Christians. I mean fair is fair and religious freedom should be a two way street. Christians claim their religion prevents them from doing business or treating LGBTQs then atheists and non-Christians should be free to refuse to do business with Christians.

#churchandstate #1stamendment #civilrights #lgbtq  

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My Congressional Representative, Bob Latta (R-5), just received an award from the Family Research Council (FRC) for his commitment to ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-family’ values. It’s obvious that Latta doesn’t mind palling around with a hate group.

#LGBT #BobLatta #hategroup #religiousextremism #churchandstate #ohio  

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The massacre at the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris this week showed the breadth and width of views and comments on ridiculing religion. A lot of Muslims think that killing someone who ridicules their religion is a good thing while other Muslims and non-muslims don’t think that is rational. Of course you have some people who want to blame the victims for their own deaths or complain that Charlie Hebdo was being racist. Ideas should be allowed to be expressed even if those ideas are stupid and need to be ridiculed.

#religiousfreedom #freedomofexpression #jesuischarlie  

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The news came out the other day that Leelah Alcorn, a transgender teen in living in the Cincinnati area had died after getting hit by a truck on I-71 near her home. Later it was found out that Leelah had committed suicide. I have never been able to wrap my head around the use of suicide as a solution for change. The real sad part for me is she didn’t have to die to bring attention to the issue of support for transgender teens.

#transgender #suicide #leelahalcorn  

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The Wrangler, the best selling nameplate for Jeep, which has been produced in Toledo Ohio for decades, might be produced elsewhere. Fiat Chrysler (FCA) owns Jeep and at the end of last year CEO Sergio Marchionne indicated that it might move Wrangler production due to changes in the model planned for 2017. On Monday, Marchionne pretty much asked for a payoff in order to keep the Wrangler in Toledo.

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