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Daily Notes (20 April 2012)

In the case over the death of Trayvon Martin the judge set a bail for George Zimmerman at $150.000.

Two years have passed since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded causing an oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

YouTube is to be forced to install upload filters after losing a copyright ruling in Germany.

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Daily Notes (19 April 2012)

The Huffington Post: "Apple generates more gossip than the Kardashians."

After the great success of the Tupac hologram, Dr. Dre seems to have bigger plans with the technology.

Detroit rocker Ted Nuget got a secret service visit.

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Daily Notes (18 April 2012)

American officials condemn images of soldiers disrespecting the bodies of their enemies. The Los Angeles Times published the photographs, that were taken in Afghanistan in 2010, before.

The discussion about the secret service scandal continues.

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The News Of The Day At A Glance (17 April 2012)

The space shuttle Discovery made his last flight. A specially modified Boeing 747 lifted the shuttle to Washington. It's final destination is the National Air and Space Museum, where it will be open to the public.

IKEA announces to sell electronics in europe.

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The News Of The Day At A Glance (16 April 2012)

The secret service scandal spreads to military. More than 10 millitary personnel could have been involved in the scandal.

The first part of the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival took place in Indio, California over the weekend. The performance of a Tupac hologram was one of the highlights (see video).

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