Arctic Chiefs of Defence Staff Conference - An Opportunity to Formalize Arctic Security

By Olin Strader Canadaʼs hosting of the Arctic Chiefs of Defence Staff (CHOD) at Goose Bay, April 12-13, is an auspicious occasion in the evolution of 21st century Polar Affairs. Itʼs a step toward asserting Canadian leadership as Prime Minister Harperʼs government is set to assume the chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2013. Canada has a number of interests that are served by promoting such a forum. Canada, next to the Russian Federation, has the largest claim to Arctic territory and the second most to safeguard. Canada has several Arctic territorial disputes it wants to resolve with the United States and Denmark, two NATO allies. Canada is also the only nation with an indigenous population that compromises a territory on a vector to become a co-sovereign province.

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