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Hello everyone"!!

I'm just know thinking of doing this so bear with me OK.

I'm Shinku-chan!! Its my pleasure to meet you all!! if I so happen to follow you or if you've taken interest in following me there are a few things I would like to say!

1) Please. I'm neutral at heart so I'm asking nicely if you don't start wars or arguments on my posts. Especially if it's between my friends so please don't.

2) I am indeed hot-headed or if you may say a tsundere so I may be a bit harsh towards you. But it'll be the opposite once I get to know you.

3) I'm already infatuated with one person and I just want him. I'm saying this because I have come across some very strange and inappropriate people here. I'm not even going to stress this.

4) If your going to use all caps don't use them all the time please. Its annoying and it seems irrelevant to have all caps all the time.

5) I may be a shut in but I do like conversation. If we're are having one at least let me know if your done and don't disappear out of nowhere. (。┰ω┰。)

6) Yes. I am a roleplayer. I might do any kind depending on the scenario and the person involved. All I ask is that you make it detailed and no text talk. I don't even understand that type of speech.

7) Ill repeat myself again. I have someone already. Whether friend or new comer if there is a problem with that please let me know now so I can address the situation.

8) I do not like when people switch attitude with me. If we are friends I expect it to be that way. Don't get mad at me or any of my other friends just because of personal feeling, issues, beliefs, whatever understand.

9) If you so happen to have personal feelings for me leave them outside of my posts OK. That is all I ask. I would love to be your friends but if I'm not interested I'm not interested.

-I may be adding more you'll never know. Once again it was nice to meet you all bye!!!!!
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cries le tears

He hurt my feelings
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Fine then the only other way is to work at MCdonalts
How are you today you fabulous people
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Have them in circles
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Phone is gonna.die
Bish I might be
i didn't post much other then spamming a community but yeah most of you know why so thats the reason anyway night
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Shinku “Music_Goddess” Tomosaki

City of Silver Light fire(Kingdom of Light Locashion)  - 
Viola has returned from the data core fully updated. She is currently residing in the City of silver light waiting to be called. She still experience the head aches caused from her system updating but she obtained the new access codes for Dusk. She, however, felt that someone was watching her when she passed out. She was trying to remember what happened when.....

((Open rp))
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Shinku “Music_Goddess” Tomosaki

Player sign up(profiles)  - 
//Profile Update//

Name: //Viola Kirishima~ Code name: Dues Ex Machine//

Age: //her programming defines her as 17//

Gender: //Female//

Player Level: //Undefined//

Race: //she was reprogrammed as a fox//

Likes: //To make and play events, food, to make music, and to practice archery//

Dislike: //nothing in particular at the moment//

Personality: //she is a high spirited tsundere. Although she seems sweet most of the time she is extremely harsh//

Apperence: //instead of one look she now comes in many forms depending on the area. (Refer to pics)//

Class: //She can switch between classes every 2 weeks but stays as an Archer often//

Blade Type: //She doesn't use a blade she prefers range attacks so her weapons consists of bows and arrows along with firearms//

Magic Type: // She was made to use Earth and  Healing magic//

Skill Level: //Undefined//

Magic Level: //Undefined//

Bio: //Viola is the update AI is the game. She over sees mission control and handles all the events. That being said she is highly obedient despite having free will. Since she heard the last AI was deleted from the game she hasn't been outside the system core much except for when told. She serves all players but can be obtained as a personal AI for one.//
//After investigating the lock down of the system core, Viola passes out due to the automatic update of her system structure. When she woke she had all the access codes in crypted into her memory banks. She couldn't move for a while but she was glad that the core was back to it's stunning view, although it was still on lock down. After a while she looked at her programming and saw something odd. It was natural for IAs to have codes to access places but she now knew where any and all legendary material, armor, and weapons could be found.//

(( +Dalton Gomez​ I updated my character))
Dalton Gomez's profile photoShinku “Music_Goddess” Tomosaki's profile photo
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//There's a lot there is good and bad about me. You'll find out along the way//
From this moment forth I only ask of three things

  1. If your going to add me please don't give me a reason not to add you
  2. If suddenly we do become acquaintances please respect those I see as friends and don't start problems
  3. Enjoy my page!!!
Bragging rights
I don't want to seem like the one to brag but if I end up doing so please let me know
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