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4 Port wireless router/firewall with unified threat management system (UTM)
The ultimate in network security!

Appliance Price: $775.00

Software: Untangle OS V 12.2.2

DNS set to use Google servers for DNSSEC to provide origin authority, data integrity, and authenticated denial of existence

Installed Free Apps:
Web filter (with my custom filter to block illegal drugs and porn websites)
Virus blocker Lite
Firewall (configured to block servers in multiple suspect countries)
Ad blocker
Intrusion prevention

2.0-2.42GHz Quad Core CPU
250 GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD
2.4 and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi

Average Power Consumption:
Off: 1.7 watts Idle: 14.8 watts Load: 23.6 watts
Infrared Temps:
CPU heat sink: 34.8C Power Supply: 36.3C
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Doug The Tech Guy is rolling out an exciting new service for 2017

Just I time for Super Bowl weekend!.. I am now offering automated remote maintenance with 24/7 computer monitoring, this service is designed to help keep your computer running smoothly by automatically defragmenting your hard drive as well as cleaning and removing junk files as well as clean your registry.

In addition to automatic maintenance your computer will be monitored for potential hardware issues as well as system events, everything happens in the background I never see your screen or your files it's safe and private.

Monitored events to choose from:

Computer On/Off
Computer Online/Offline
User Logins/Logoffs
Computer Locked/Unlocked
Computer Renamed
Shutdown Operations
Software Installed
Software Uninstalled
Windows Updates Installed
CCleaner Analysis
CCleaner Clean
Defraggler Analysis
Defraggler Defrag
Scheduled Events
Disk Space Warning
Printer Events
Network Actions

List of some of the things automatically cleaned
• temp files
• cookies
• browser history
• recent documents
• empty the recycle bin
• clear log files
• memory dump files
• run entries
• last download location
• index .dat files
• recently typed URL's
• Clipboard
• Memory dumps
• Clipboard
• Chkdsk fragments
• Thumbnail cache
• MRU's
• Taskbar jump list
• Invalid Windows registry entries

Pricing for this new service:
$140 a year for 1 computer = $11.66 a month
$280 a year for up to 3 computers = $7.77 a month per computer
$380 a year for up to 5 computers = $6.33 a month per computer

If you already have a service contract with me and want to add this service to your existing plan you will receive a $20 discount on the prices listed above

To sign up visit: just download the installer on each machine you want to cover

If you have any questions call me 530-736-8081
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One woman was so annoyed by the Windows 10 update, she sued — and won
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Doug The Tech Guy does website design if you want to get that new business off the ground a website is a must have contact me for a quote on an affordable easy to manage website!
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I specialize in "remote support"  if you need help just let me know we can set up an appointment..  
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