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The Cop Who Took Down The Mob
By George Anastasia For He grew up in North Jersey. He could have been a wiseguy. . Instead, he became a cop. And spent his career building cases that destroyed the mob. Read the full story here:

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Jury Begins Deliberations In Farnese Trial
By George Anastasia For A federal jury in the quid pro quo bribery case against State
Senator Lawrence Farnese and Democrat Party Committeewoman Ellen Chapman began deliberations late this afternoon, but called it a day after less than an hour ...

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Farnese Jury Asked To Decide Between Bribe Or `Good Deed'
By George Anastasia For It was a lesson in political pragmatism delivered by the defense attorney for beleagured State Senator Larry Farnese at the opening of Farnese' corruption trial. You don't pay a bribe with a check, lawyer Mark Sheppard t...

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Farnese Corruption Trial Opens
By George Anastasia For Based on the "standards" set for corruption in Pennsylvania's First Senate District, the case against Larry Farnese seems penny ante at best. Nevertheless, the 48-year-old South Philadelphia state senator begins the figh...

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The Life And Times Of Little Nicky Scarfo
More on the passing of Nicky Scarfo By George Anastasia

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Report Nicodemo Scarfo Has Died In Prison
By George Anastasia For     Nicodemo D. “Little Nicky” Scarfo, who ruled the Philadelphia mob in the 1980s with a temperament and
philosophy more suited to the 1920s, has died in a federal prison medical
facility in Butner , NC , according to u...

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Galati Loses Another One
By George Anastasia For This has not been a good month for wannabe wiseguy Ron Galati. The South Philadelphia auto body owner with the Godfather complex was sentenced a few weeks ago to a maximum of 29 years in prison in a Common Pleas Court in...

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Dominic Verdi To Take Stand In His Own Corruption Trial
By George Anastasia For A federal prosecutor has spent most of this week building the case against Dominic Verdi, the former Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner of Licenses and Inspections charged with playing fast and loose with rules and ethics ...

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Reprinted with permission from Gangland News. See link below   By George Anastasia No Reservations At Skinny Joey's Florida Restaurant If you picked up a snazzy Merlino's wineglass on your last trip to Boca, don't throw it away. It may soon be a collect...

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An Italian News Org Takes A Look At The Philadelphia Mob
A look at the Philadelphia Italian.
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