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Are you looking to irrigate your yard? Look up baton rouge irrigation services -

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We also provide landscaping services in Baton Rouge which you can find more details at our landscape related site

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Are you looking for lawn service and lawn care done right in Louisiana? We are a lawn company ready to help you landscaping and regulate your grass in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Check our website for more details on our service offerings -

If you are looking for a company that can provide yard, grass cutting, and sod services, than you should consider contacting us.
We have been in the lawn business for years now and continue expanding our operations throughout the Baton Rouge area.  We provide many services including our staple, weekly yard mowing. In addition, we have several other services that we can manage for you:
lawn fertilizer,
best grass seed
grass cutting
 preparing your yard for seeding baton rouge
 laying sod
 crab grass removal
 lawn trimmings
hedge trimming
yard control
and yard maintenance
Check out our website for more information at

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We wrote a post about preventing pesky crabgrass from growing in your lawn. Here is an exerpt of it:
The persistent weeds and unwanted grass growing on someone’s manicured lawn are blamed on Crabgrass. They mostly grow during the warmest parts of late and mids of summer. If you see grassy weed growing in the early spring, it is not crabgrass.
There are many types of weeds that give a similar look like crabgrass and even the way they should be treated are both similar. If you are facing a problem that is actually because of crabgrass. There are a number of ways in which you can get rid of this weed and protect your lawn.
Crabgrass is that kind of a weed which is opportunistic. In the summer time, if the lawn is not fed with enough water, the grass begins to dry out. This is exactly the condition which is favorable to crabgrass growth. If the lawn is unhealthy, it takes only one season for the crabgrass to step in and take over the lawn.
The best way to prevent the growth of crabgrass is to keep the lawn healthy and thick. Sufficient water should be poured in the lawn to keep the soil moist. The grass should not be trimmed too short. Let the grass attain a height of two and a half inches. The healthier the lawn is, the lesser the opportunities crabgrass will get to creep in your lawn.
For more, check out -

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Album of our company promotion video

If you need any tips or tricks -

The rain wont go away! This means your yards may look quite poor from all of this wind and heavy rain fall. You can contact us to clean up your yard as you need. Just fill out our quote form -

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Southern Turf Lawn Care
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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