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A second chance at life.
A second chance at life.

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4 days to go! The musical duo of Sunali & Roop Kumar Rathod are coming together on 4th of May to sing for our special edition of Coffee with Muffi in Mumbai. 
Have you booked your seat? Book now by calling Zoya at +91 9167 939 933

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'Nutrition transition' has resulted in higher cases of obesity and related diseases says study. The phenomenon whereby greater industrialization and urbanization, allied with increased wealth, result in people doing less physical activity, and eating more calorific, meat-heavy diets – higher in fat, sugar and sodium.

Are you taking care of 'nutrition transition'?

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Eating out at a Mediterranean eatery? Don't deprive yourself.
Just choose wisely. Our nutritionist Shilpa shows you what to
pick instead of the usual favorites to keep your weight in

# DrMuffi # CODSIndia # DietTips # HealthTips # Obesity

It could be poll coverage: but our patient and BJP honcho Nitin Gadkaris bariatric surgery is not far from being in the news too!

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A couple that loses weight together, stays healthy together. Parikhs from Surat elaborates the change of their tough life to the easier one post-surgery.

I can now bend and pick up anything: Pinakini & Bharat Parikh 

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My Annual Pilgrimage Sumerpur, Rajasthan gets 2.5 days of Dr Lakdawala's life every year for surgery, charity and just a way he, his family and team give back to the society. Read his touching account here on his blog

#DrMuffi #CODSIndia #BariatricSurgery

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Keep your self cool this summer with fruits. How many would like to have this bowl of fruits. Hit share if you would like to share it with your friends. 

#DrMuffi #CODSIndia #HealthTips #beatthesummer

Dr. Lakdawala explains about dealing with obesity among
children with right lifestyle choices. steps-everyday

# DrMuffi # CODSIndia # obesity # obesityinchildr
en # weightloss

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Jhanavi Bheda: "Post surgery moving around is effortless. I feel very nice. I am very energetic, running around."

Jhanavi Bheda: Its been 1.5 years and life after surgery has been fabulous!

#Drmuffi #CODSIndia #beforeandafter #bariatricsurgery #postsurgery #weightloss #WeightLossSurgery

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Dr. Muffi suggests the changes that people need to make when they are into their 30's.

#DrMuffi #CODSIndia #Lifestyle #Health #Obesity #WeightLoss
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