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J. B. Mills
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writer ● wanderer ● wonderer

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Dumbest invention of all time.

Hi! I've been an INTJ forever. Don't run into others very often so I thought I'd join up! 

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Donut + Croissant = Cronut = DANGEROUS!

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Really? They couldn't find a better family to represent the US? No wonder the world thinks we're ridiculous. Not everyone eats that much processed food here, I swear, world!

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What do you guys think? Is the publishing industry making the same mistakes as music companies by not evolving with the times? I tend to think so. Fear may be keeping them from adapting.

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Um, I don't know what to do with this.
Youtube is better than tv

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Anyone want to watch an eye surgery live on Google+? It's coming up in a few hours here. I, myself, am opting out...
Live eye surgery over Hangout On Air

Considering or just curious about ICL (Intraocular Collamer Lens) surgery? Then join +Hoopes Vision Correction Center today at 6pm PDT as experienced ICL surgeon +Robert Rivera performs this surgery LIVE!

Get more details and RSVP here:

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Check this out if you're curious with the new functionality from Google that allows you enable and manage your blog comments on Blogger through Google+.

Recorded hangout below.

The biggest drawback seems to be that users have to be fully logged into Google to leave a comment. But some of the other functionality might make it worth it, especially from an SEO perspective.
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