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@盛大起点中文网 帐号里的点值都被转去什么“传世英雄传”是怎么回事?!监守自盗吗?!

am i gonna be fired? then make it quick!!! 



Only coffee and hard beats can keep me up at every ugly morning from Mon. to Fri. 

I am not bored, i am boring Michal Pytel

My last macbook has been with me for the last 5 years and all over the world. Never crash and always there. It has become a part of my life. R.I.P., Steve Jobs.

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日前有传闻称,苹果已出价8亿美元竞购云存储服务商Dropbox。该消息称,苹果和SaaS厂商Citrix均对Dropbox感兴趣,他们预计Dropbox今年的营收可达到1亿美元。最终,苹果出价8亿美元竞购Dropbox。目前,Dropbox用户数量已达到2500万,用户每天存储的文件数量达2亿个,平均每5分钟存储100万个文件。年初,Dropbox从红杉资本和Accel Partners等风险投资公司获得720万美元投资。

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