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Murder Ballads house concert at the Baronial Estate! You're warmly invited to come hear the amazing Murder Ballads, fresh off their appearance as Philcon Musical Guest of Honor, at our house in Glenside on Sunday Nov. 22, doors opening at 6:30.

Murder Ballads is the usually-acoustic duo of Catt Kingsgrave and Adam Fromm, two songwriters from Texas and Illinois respectively, who somehow converged in the American Northeast to join forces and influences. Murder Ballads’ sound is an eclectic blend of whatever strikes their fancy: sincere folk originals, bluesified treatments of Anglo-Celtic standards, reimaginings of favorites in whatever genres they have lying around, trips through cockeyed humor, and yes, the occasional actual murder ballad. More information about Murder Ballads can be found on their website:

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Since my social media spamming apparently didn't make it as far as GooPlu, at last it can be told: Murder Ballads has been invited as the Musical Guests of Honor at this year's Philcon, held in Cherry Hill, NJ on November 20-22. Philcon is the oldest SF/F convention in the US, and we are honored beyond words to be invited, not to mention excited to the point of Kermit-flaily-hands-levels of hyper. This is our first GoH in the history of ever, and we hope you all will check out the event and come join us for what we're anticipating will be a weekend of, dare we say, epic proportions. Let the strategy meetings and obsessive rehearsals begin!

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Attention Murder Ballads-listening-type people! We've just posted our second exclusive demo mp3 for our Patreon subscribers: a live recording of "Invocation," the song we wrote and performed at Pi-Con last month. If you haven't signed up, you've got a few coins to throw the musicians' way, and you want to get in on the hundredweight of new stuff we've been playing with (whispered secret: we're already talking about our second album, and we're using these demos to get early opinions on what to include), then hie thee over to our Patreon page and get in on the fun. And to those who HAVE signed up, know that our love for you knows no bounds! Thank you all!

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Odin McFuzzface is 3 today! In celebration of the fact that I've managed to keep my beloved puppy alive for 3 whole years I've decided to give everyone an internet present. To wit:

The coupon code ODIN3 will get you free shipping  (not just domestic shipping, yup free international shipping too!) on orders over $40 USD. So go to and remember, I do custom orders too!

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"The freedom of individuals verbally to oppose or challenge police action without thereby risking arrest," Justice William J. Brennan Jr. wrote for the majority, "is one of the principal characteristics by which we distinguish a free nation from a police state."


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Murder Ballads has joined Patreon! Catt and I a backlog of demo recordings and concert videos of stuff no one has heard yet that we simply cannot sit on any longer. If you've got a few ducats to toss our way, you'll be helping support the music we make and our continued ability to get in the same room together. Thanks!

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Yes, that’s right!  The duo who brought you The Ballad of Captain America’s Disapproving Face are playing live in the Boston area this weekend – not once, but TWICE!

Saturday afternoon at 2:pm will find us playing a house concert in Medford – 246 High Street, to be exact, though for space considerations, if you’d like to attend that one, please head over to the FaceBook event and RSVP.  We’d rather not make the Fire Marshals or our event hosts cry with this one if possible.

And on Sunday night, we’ll be doing a half hour set at the Plaza Azteca, beginning at 7:30.  ( ) We’ll have T shirts and CDs available for both shows, and we’d honestly love to see some of our online fans in person if any of you can get to either show.

And if you can’t?  Well please consider shilling the shows for the benefit of what friends you might have who COULD get to the shows, but might not otherwise think to go.  We’re a small band, and neither of us is very good at the advertising end of things – we need all the help we can get!

Cheers, and I hope to see some of you this weekend!

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The power this girl has with her words is breathtaking. The visuals odd the video even more so.

Sonita is an Afghan girl who's rap song saved her from an arranged marriage at age 15.
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