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Google turns off keyword referrer information for logged in users - Google defends their move by "advocating privacy" but on the other hand it's perfectly acceptable via PPC. Peter Young quotes: "You can have the data - as long as you pay us"
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...? But this is good, this is automatically putting people on a secure connection where their searches are confidential. Before, when you posted your link to the video of "It's the GMail man," one of your concerns/criticisms of Google was that the company was invading privacy... so wouldn't SSL be a step in the right direction for you?
No not necessarily, my prior concern with "the GMail man" was the fact that they scan all your emails to bring you relevant ads. Google has built up a profile to determine what your "Ad Preferences" are here: if your curious to see your "Ad profile." I feel they can still advertise relevant information without going through your emails. As a Marketer, I do not feel that it's an invasion of privacy to see if you came via Google Search, KBB, Edmunds, Blog, etc... which is what they are impacting with this change. -Referral Traffic
All this information can be determined regardless via Paid Search but not Organic. I'm not against Google getting my information. As a consumer i'd rather be shown targeted ads and targeted bits of information. I'm more concerned over how they go about getting my info.
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