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SpyWriter Jack King
"A New King of Thrillers on the Horizon"
"A New King of Thrillers on the Horizon"
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Literary vs Real Life (and Death) Hitmen
A must for readers and writers of thrillers: “A group of researchers at the Center for Applied Criminology at
Birmingham City University in the U.K. has recently analyzed newspaper
articles, court records, and a series of “off-the-record” interviews

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Genre Writers
“In genre fiction, it’s not like that. People usually begin their
careers by having their writing rejected by their undergrad creative
writing professors. Then (since they don’t get paid by MFA programs),
they must write in silence and obscurity—choosing...

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American Literature in Exile
“A recently lecturing Englishman is reported to have noted the
unenviable primacy of the United States among countries where the
struggle for material prosperity has been disastrous to the pursuit of
literature.” “(I don’t want to get to obtrusive with t...

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Purpose of Literature
“Authors tend to write more miserable books about 10 years after an economic downturn, a study has claimed.” “Researchers compared the number of times certain words appeared in
more than five million books to certain periods in American and British

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Read to Succeed
“Ten reasons why reading good books is a key to success: * Reading good books has the side effect of inducing feelings of optimism, peace of mind and desire. * Self-help books and success literature encourage you to focus your viewpoint on the future and no...

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Near Literary Abortions – Books and writers that almost were not published
Publishers and literary agents do not always know better. Here are some books / writers that almost did not become published: “Not only does this bog down in the middle, but the author tends to
stay too long with non essentials. He seems to have little ide...

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Books are the necessities of life

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Books are at the roots of empathy, compassion, and ethical behavior

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Why readers fall in love with books

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Another great book you just cannot miss
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