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Well, hello, Google+! It's been a while. How have you been?

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Interesting perspective. I was shocked (and disappointed) to find out that Linden Lab wouldn't be providing a centralized space for the celebration this year. Tateru points out (particularly in her sub-linked article - be sure to click through to read it) that this could be an opportunity to pull off something really special.

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Life on the Playa for those of us who can't experience it firsthand...
Afternoon on the Esplanade

The heavy sun beats down on us all. Giant cars and moving pirate ships rove across the desert... after a while you just give in to it all... and stop thinking about getting a cool shower... (but then after a few hours, all you can think about is a cool shower... thank non-denominational-god that I have an RV and a giant bottle of shampoo.)

Well, it's about time that Google nailed that menu bar down. :)

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This is really disappointing; in the 'real world' that I live in, I have hundreds of friends that I know only through their pseudonyms. Thanks to this short-sighted policy decision, I will be unable to connect with any of them on Google+. This policy limits the usefulness of the service, because it PREVENTS ME FROM CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE THAT I KNOW. How is this in any way 'real'? How is this at all helpful? Way to totally disregard the complexity of the issue, Google.

"Google+ Product Manager Saurabh Sharma explained that the decision was made “to make connecting with people on the web more like connecting with people in the real world” on Google+."

Hey, I'm back!

Now I'm wondering if I was actually restored, or if this is just a glitch... o.O

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Sigh... :(
Since I'm limited to mobile after suspension and will likely lose that soon, I'd appreciate if you'd post this video as a sign of solidarity with thoe of us who've been booted out of the community: 

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Because it was really awesome. :)

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Sophos senior security advisor on Google+ and pseudonymity (link from Codie, a casualty of the same issue):
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