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Meridith Ebbs (iMerinet)

welcome to the staff at Westport PS in Port Macquarie.

Welcome to the teachers at Tomaree Primary school. Today is a public workshop. #premooc-networking

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Using to recreate quadrilaterals and polygons with year 5 #csertask7

Welcome to the teachers from Sydney schools completing today's CSERmoocs workshop. #premooc-networking.

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Literacy and Digital Technology
What does Possum Magic have to do with computational thinking and digital technologies? Possum Magic is a story about a magic grandma that makes her grandson Hush become invisible. To solve the problem they travel Australia looking for ways to make Hush vis...
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This week year 5 were looking at quadrilaterals and polygons we then practised making them in pencilcode. #csertask7
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This is an example of how gps is being used to help farmers control paddock use and livestock. #csertask1

Welcome to the teachers doing the public workshop today at Marie Bashir PS in Strathfield. #premooc-networking

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This is a relatively new feature and one that has generated a lot of interest lately but it's worth taking another look. Alice Keeler's post on using the 'grid view' to watch student collaboration in real time is informative and demonstrates the effectiveness of this simple feature update in slides.

We use one slide deck for entry and exit tasks and other formative tasks, being able to 'grid it up' and project it is going to be really useful! #tcisbkkpd

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Welcome to the Early Stage 1 teachers at Lidcombe Public School #premooc-networking
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