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Going car-less carefree!
On January 7th I text Lisa. “How soon are you ready to go car-less?” “ASAP!” she replies. I log on to Volkswagen's vehicle buyback website to schedule the date...March 23rd was the first available date. Embarking on a new adventure - going car-less! Well, o...

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Running to kick the habit
July marked an anniversary for myself and a neighbor down the street, Christy. I hadn’t seen Christy since her 1-year anniversary last July until just a week ago which coincidentally marked her 2nd year anniversary. “Has it really been a year?” I thought? T...

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Learn more about how we are restoring Tucson's creeks and rivers!

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Mont Blanc 80k - the highest of highs and lowest of lows
Mont Blanc glowed dimly across the Chamonix valley in the pre-dawn light. A thousand specks of light threaded the trail, back and forth, up the goat like switchbacks to Mt. Brevent. In the lead group of 10-15 we climbed at a tempered pace thinking about the...

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Transvulcania - The World Skyrunning Stage Tests Me
I straddle the trail with my hands on my knees. I zone out
on the chunks of banana dusted in volcanic cinders mid-trail that my gut just
expelled 3k past the aid station at kilometer 30. Ah relief from a grumbling
stomach sapping my strength. I push on happ...

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Transvulcania. Estoy listo.
Only one week to go! My first international ultrarunning race is  Transvulcania , May 9th, part of the World  SkyRunning series . Held on La Palma in the volcanic Canary Islands (Spain) off the coast of Morocco it is 50 miles with over 14,000ft of climbing....

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Lessons Learned Lead to New Potential
My recent course record ( 6:53:51 which was 5 minutes faster ) at Old Pueblo 50miler – a hometown
race – was bittersweet. Bitter in the lead up to the race, yet pleasantly sweet
as everything came together for me that day. Top 3 at Old Pueblo. Myself, Nate ...

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Black Canyon 100k – a race report. A scorching start to the season!
Flowers and love notes were not on our mind this Valentine’s
Day morning at Spring Valley high school track. The early morning began with a
chilly 50F start and a blowing wind. Within a few hours – in true desert
fashion - it sizzled into the low 90s. The B...

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Dealing with 2015 Jitters
I am like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve ready to tear into the presents piled under the tree. Why? Well... For the second year I am continuing on the Run Steep Get High Mountain Running Team which has now partnered with Salomon ! And also continuing as a Ca...

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Beating Out My 15 Miles of Disappointment
I beat last year’s time at Javelina Jundred by 69 minutes with a first place win over top rated competition.  And yet I didn't train specifically for Javelina, a 100mile race, coming off of a summer race series of much shorter mountain races.  So how did I ...
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