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Have you guys ever tried submitting to

If so, what images got accepted? (Profile link please.)
Or more importantly, how many digits does the number of total rejects have?

(Mine has 4 rejects and counting: )

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It might take me a while to find some old B&W galleries I loved, so here are a few recent guys who caught my eye:

Michel Rajkovic ( -- rather epic stuff -- and
Hengki Koentjoro ( and
Robin Hakanen (

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There were actually two people sitting on the bench on the right. (See for a few nice critiques and a sample of what I was talking about.)

Very minimal processing; simple B&W conversion, tinge of contrast, and a bit of unnecessary sharpening/noise reduction. (Unnecessary as this was 1/160, ISO100, but I must meddle with an image or I feel like I am being lazy.)

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I am a 16-year-old hobbyist photographer.

I usually shoot nature, though I try not to limit myself. (I want try out fine art architecture some time.)

I am also a Grammar Naziing, math-loving nerd of a Redditor who refuses to stop learning, exploring, and breaking things.

Metal and classical.
Best genres ever, and not actually as disparate as you might think.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Might as well add one.

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The Most Dangerous Equation

de Moivre’s Equation is freakin' dangerous. It's almost as bad as the nuclear explosion causing E=mc^2.

FWIW, the linked article is not an arcane blow-your-mind.jpg math paper. So read it and be enlightened.

If you don't understand it (I didn't at first either), I have written an easy to understand explanation of the equation:

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If you use Chrome, check this out.

If you have abandoned Chrome for Firefox's TreeStyleTabs, check this out.

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"Over the past year, my photography has seen a dramatic improvement. I just went back to an old post of mine and realized that most of the links were broken because I had deleted them from my deviantART gallery because the pictures did not seem any good to me anymore.


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I took these four/two months ago. More to come, if I can remember to upload them.
Landscapes (2 photos)
5 Photos - View album

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Beautiful and enchanting.
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