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Discussion  - 

Have you guys ever tried submitting to

If so, what images got accepted? (Profile link please.)
Or more importantly, how many digits does the number of total rejects have?

(Mine has 4 rejects and counting: )
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I think if you post nature, it has to be truly original & unique.
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Muntoo Meddler

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There were actually two people sitting on the bench on the right. (See for a few nice critiques and a sample of what I was talking about.)

Very minimal processing; simple B&W conversion, tinge of contrast, and a bit of unnecessary sharpening/noise reduction. (Unnecessary as this was 1/160, ISO100, but I must meddle with an image or I feel like I am being lazy.)
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I love how the trees are staring out across the lake. Very nice.
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Muntoo Meddler

> Landscape Photos  - 
Might as well add one.
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Muntoo Meddler

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"Over the past year, my photography has seen a dramatic improvement. I just went back to an old post of mine and realized that most of the links were broken because I had deleted them from my deviantART gallery because the pictures did not seem any good to me anymore.

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Muntoo Meddler

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I took these four/two months ago. More to come, if I can remember to upload them.
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Muntoo Meddler

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Turns out UAC on Windows 7 does more than meets the eye. Don't turn it off, even if you are h4x0r and 1337. UAC is even used by Chrome for its sandboxing ability which has made it so impregnable.

benjymouse from /. writes in the linked comment:

"What is generally discussed (and ridiculed) on /. is what is termed UAC prompts UAC prompts are merely the visible part of UAC. It's no surprise that the most important parts are hidden beneath the surface (and why it is so stupid to turn it off). UAC introduces a concept called process integrity. One can consider it a subdivision of user accounts as it works by modifying the security token associated with the process. If a process is running in "low integrity" it has virtually no rights to file system, registry database, IPC etc. It may render on the designated desktop and may also use an isolated storage. It is important to point out that because this sits in the security token, it is an intrinsic protection. IE7 and Chrome leverages low integrity mode, so even if an "exploitable" bug is found in IE7/Chrome or in an addin, this presents a formidable barrier to compromising the machine or even to get to sensitive or personal data.

Because a low integrity process is so limited, the browsers cannot even download files, except to their local, isolated storage. Therefore UAC calls for a separate broker process which drives the familar "save" dialog and reaches into the isolated storage and marshals the downloaded files out to userland.

What is generally discussed (and ridiculed) on /. is what is termed UAC prompts UAC prompts are merely the visible part of UAC. It's no surprise that the most important parts are hidden beneath the s...
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Muntoo Meddler

Favorite B&W fine art photogs  - 
It might take me a while to find some old B&W galleries I loved, so here are a few recent guys who caught my eye:

Michel Rajkovic ( -- rather epic stuff -- and
Hengki Koentjoro ( and
Robin Hakanen (
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Muntoo Meddler

Introductions  - 
I am a 16-year-old hobbyist photographer.

I usually shoot nature, though I try not to limit myself. (I want try out fine art architecture some time.)

I am also a Grammar Naziing, math-loving nerd of a Redditor who refuses to stop learning, exploring, and breaking things.

Metal and classical.
Best genres ever, and not actually as disparate as you might think.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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5 comments (18:45) sounds similar to Maiden's Iron Maiden - Mother Russia (Not that they ripped it off of each other or anything.)

(Still listening to the Therion concert.)
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Muntoo Meddler

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The Most Dangerous Equation

de Moivre’s Equation is freakin' dangerous. It's almost as bad as the nuclear explosion causing E=mc^2.

FWIW, the linked article is not an arcane blow-your-mind.jpg math paper. So read it and be enlightened.

If you don't understand it (I didn't at first either), I have written an easy to understand explanation of the equation:
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Here's the final print of article:
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Muntoo Meddler

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If you use Chrome, check this out.

If you have abandoned Chrome for Firefox's TreeStyleTabs, check this out.
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By the way you really mentioned right - the Sidewise is more suitable to be the TST replacement for people without too severe tabs addiction.

Even more, i saw the code, it will be even be unable to store the tenth of thousand tabs, as it is use the very limited storage to storing the database (html localstorage, it is limited to 2mb max, if i will be used that storage that for me the extension will be stop working maybe every 3-6 weeks, because of how many tabs i regularly dump in it, so even before my first release i start to use IndexedDb which is limited only by free disk space, because just during the development i stuck with the localstorage limits.

So this really shape many of my decisions.
Like the double click by default - as i plan to add the full keyboard support soon, and one click is not very good in this case.
The separate window, to make resize much more convenient (yet at first i also try to emulate sidebar as Sidewise do)
Some other decisions.
I actively use TO, it is always open for me, always, yet actually i switch tabs in the Chrome tab strip only, and also very often liberate or move tabs between windows using the multi select in the original Chrome tab strip (not many knows about this feature).

So we really cover different users. No one is better than the other, just different specialization - you will be not comfortable with one click in Tabs Outliner anyway, because of many other things.

That was why i even drop the leading part of the original title - Tree Style Tabs Outliner. Just to not irritate the former TST users : )

Best regards,
And thanks again. 
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Muntoo Meddler

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Muntoo Meddler

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Learn to fight in 5 minutes

Being bored one fateful afternoon, I googled "how to be a ninja" just for fun. I found a silly article, just as I had hoped. As expected, it contained silly advice and every once in a while stuff I already 'knew' from reading the Ranger's Apprentice book series.

But then, I found an article that was not so silly. Or at least, it looked like the author had researched the topic well, and had mentioned historic details.

I have always been a fan of ninjas. Stealthy, fast, sly, and quick-thinking -- everything I want to be. (Oh, hey, I want to be more than just that, but at my basic primal... well, whatever, nevermind.)

Anyways, the article mentioned Parkour, a more practical and less fancy sport than Freerunning (Google it, and be amazed). After learning how to jump over walls (and by 'learning', I mean watching a video of someone doing it), I read that it was important to have mastered 'judo rolling'.

Ryan Doyle - Parkour Roll Tutorial
(Damn cool tutorial on learning to roll properly. Far more easier to understand than listening to overweight PE teachers drawl on.)

After failing at executing those graceful maneuvers in my extremely cramped room, I went back to my computer and my eye caught a video labelled "learn to fight in 5 min". Naturally, I was skeptical of its abilities to teach me how to fight in five minutes when others have dedicated their lives to it (pun intended).

learn to fight in 5 min

It's a "fan-made" mash of various videos from the History Channel series "Human Weapon". It's fast and stimulating. (At the time of writing this, I still feel like knocking someone's skull out of their brains... and vice versa.)

A playlist for the Human Weapon series:

So, what was the point of all this? Nothing really, except maybe to warn you all that there is a new ninja in town and waste your time by having to read my unorganized ramblings.

#fighting #Parkour #ninja #LongPost
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Someone actually read that... o_0

I am bringing out my Will within by doing TKD (so... I actually understand some of this stuff more now :)).
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Oh, and, as a self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi, I like editing.
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