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23.5 mile bike ride
yes sir ;)
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you bet, it was the first time i went that far, my legs were so worn out, but I can't wait to do it again :D
we went from howell branch all the way to my house :)
Nice. Lol. Furthest I can go on bike is from my house, to fashion, and back. XDS
thats good
itll be nice if we could go biking together :)
like on the trail, i don't have anyone to bike with :(
maybe on a saturday, we could meet on at the 0 mile marker at blanchard, your at lot closer than i am
yay ^_^, is your bike gearshift?
and hopefully it will be a day that isn't cold
It is gearshift, luckily. I hope it IS a cold day. I love the stinging cold wind. :D
>_ < brrr, okay, good so
i let you know and see if you are avaiable :D :D
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